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The Official Ministry Statistics of The JESUS Film Project

"Helping provide media tools, training and strategies for abundant follow-through evangelism in every needed language"


The Official Ministry Statistics are released periodically and include the number of "JESUS" film languages available and more.

Official Ministry Statistics – November 1, 2014

Translation Progress
"JESUS" (classic version):
"The Story of Jesus" (audio):
"The Story of Jesus for Children":
  "Magdalena: Released From Shame": 120
  "My Last Day": 117
  "Following Jesus": 10
  "Rivka": 6
  "Walking with Jesus": 5
Total number of languages available1:
Cumulative Exposures/Decisions Since 1979
Indicated decisions for Christ following a film showing:   
more than 200 million
Products Distributed Since 1979
All products, including film, video and audio3:
more than 60 million
Ministry Strategies
Countries where JFP funded ministry activity in 20133:
Includes all versions. In some cases, an audio-only version is completed without the classic video to more effectively reach selected language groups. Translations have been completed in languages spoken by 91% of the world's population.
Includes all versions and multiple exposures per viewer. Based on estimated data.
Based on allocations made.

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