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How to Get Involved with the Ministry

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Ways to Get Involved...

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Short Term Mission Trips »

Two-week to one-year short-term mission opportunities. Help bring the "JESUS" film to those who have yet to hear.

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Reach out with the JESUS Film in the USA »

Use the "JESUS" film to reach out to people in your community. "JESUS" DVDs are especially effective with immigrants as you can offer it in their own language. "The Story of Jesus for Children" is a wonderful tool to reach children.

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"Friends of JESUS" Group Giving Site »

Have you ever considered joining with others to do something you could not do on your own—to accomplish a bigger goal, a greater dream with lasting results? Now you can!

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Volunteer »

We need volunteers! If you're available to help us on a volunteer basis, we would love to have you on board!

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Interns/STINTs »

Check out a list of our current Intern and "STINT" positions that are available around the world.

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Supported Staff »

Our goal is to translate the "JESUS" film into more than 2,000 languages (currently we have more than 1,400 languages translated). Several hundred people work in our offices, and we need a lot more help!