Your Gifts for Haiti Are Bringing New Life--Thank You!

God miraculously spared his life. Now he and others are seeing God save thousands!

For decades, much mission work has been done in Haiti, yet the strong presence of voodoo and spiritism has kept many people in bondage. The earthquake has become a tipping point for the gospel.

Now, the darkness within people's souls is being pierced by the light of Christ. He is the only answer to the struggles they face and the longing of their hearts.

Please continue to pray for our five "JESUS" film teams, for Pastor Pierre and his family, and for the national churches with whom we partner. Ask God to keep the hearts of the Haitians open to the true hope that this devastated country desperately needs. Also, consider giving today to seize this "window of opportunity" to bring "JESUS" and the gospel to all of Haiti. Your gift of any amount will have an eternal impact on the lives of people at this pivotal time when they are most receptive. Thank you.