Mission 865

In every language, to every people.

What is Mission 865?

The "JESUS" film has been dubbed into more than 1,500 languages and is recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the most-translated film in history. But that doesn’t mean our work is done! There are 865 documented language groups in the world with 50,000 or more speakers, representing roughly 323 million people. Research has determined that these people are largely unreached or unengaged with the gospel. We want to share Jesus with them. The Mission 865 initiative represents Jesus Film Project’s commitment to reach these groups with Jesus’ story in their own language. Along the way, we will be sharing the "JESUS" film with some of the smaller language groups as well. This is no small undertaking. We’re partnering with many organizations who are helping us make significant headway in the next two decades.

What makes film so effective?

The two-hour "JESUS" film is based on Luke’s gospel. Since its release in 1979, it has been translated to over 1,500 languages and shown to enthusiastic audiences in over 230 countries. The impact of seeing Jesus’ story in the first movie many have ever seen, and hearing him speak in their own language, is powerful. In many of the 865 people groups we’re still trying to reach, literacy is incredibly low—half of them don’t have a written language at all. Film is the most effective way to reach people in a way they can immediately understand. Learn how the translation process works, and find out how we translate the film for people with no written language! To see how effective the "JESUS" film is, check out these testimonies and stories from our blog.

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Stories from the field

  • Sharing the Gospel With the Nations at Your Door

    Between 2010 and 2014, the number of immigrants in America rose from 40 million to 42.4 million. Currently 13.3 percent of the U.S. population is foreign born.* These are people who have left their homelands for a number of reasons. This doesn't count the number of international students in your community or people working here on a temporary visa. An incredible opportunity We tend to think of Jesus' command to "go and make disciples of all nations" in purely mission-oriented terms. We see fulfilling this commission as heading off to foreign and exotic ... Read more

    Reaching the Nations

    Jayson Bradley
    Jayson Bradley
    1 days ago · Comments
  • “JESUS” Changed Lives in a Restaurant

    A Southeast Asian Campus Crusade for Christ® staff member visited a restaurant where, unbeknownst to him, the owner had been showing the “JESUS” film for several years. The owner said approximately 30 people—including some from the dominant religion—had come to Christ as a result of watching the film in their heart language. Despite the very real threat of radical groups in the town, the owner said he continues to show the film when there is no indication of danger. Read more

    Reaching the Nations

    Jesus Film Project
    Jesus Film Project
    9/21/2015 · Comments

Jesus’ call to make disciples in all nations (Matt. 28:16–20) wasn’t a suggestion. He has tasked all who follow him to be reaching the lost with the gospel. The Mission 865 initiative is one way that you can be about that work, too.

There are numerous ways you can partner with us including donating a dollar, a minute of film, or contributing for an entire language translation. And by getting involved, you are helping to bring "JESUS" to unreached people throughout the world!