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Ministering to the Mentally Ill

  • Asia

Petran, a Campus Crusade staff member, pastored a church in a Central Asian city. Using "JESUS" and "Magdalena" DVDs as their primary evangelistic tools, Petran's church proclaimed the gospel and sought to make a difference for Christ in their city. One of their outreacheswas to patients at a hospital for the mentally ill. On one occasion when they organized a Magdalena showing at the hospital, women started crying out: "God, save us! Let God give us life. Let God release us from this." Ministry workers reported the lives of many women being touched through the use of Magdalena: "... This is the most important tool for us to preach [the] gospel. [Our countrymen] love films, so film speaks to their heart and [the] most important [factor] that is close to people is forgiveness and hope."