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“By God’s Grace…Everyone, Everywhere”

A report for online partners of "JESUS"      


Film Teams are Doing Much More Than Showing People "JESUS"

Some 2,500 "JESUS" film teams are doing much more than showing unreached people this effective film, available in 1,050 languages. They are mobilizing, training and partnering with churches and partners to create powerful movements of discipleship and church planting.

Read here how a priest of another religion was transformed by the message he heard. He now helps to lead hundreds to Christ through preaching the gospel and helping to show "JESUS." You'll also learn how churches are being planted, multiplying and growing rapidly by the hand of God.

You Have Given Our Troops "JESUS"

We all have been concerned about our young men and women serving in the military. Together with you, we also have been concerned that they be reached for Christ, wherever they may be.

Read here about a special outreach to send them "JESUS"—of a hall so jammed that 200 were turned away—and how after the showing, workers gave out to young recruits their entire supply of 200 "JESUS" DVDs. So great was their hunger for spiritual truth!

A Breakthrough Tool to Ground New Believers in Christ

Follow-up of new believers is crucial. "JESUS" film teams train, mobilize and assist many partners to ground new believers in the Word. But the majority of those reached are functionally illiterate. So we think you will be blessed as you learn about an exciting tool to give them the Word.

It's a solar-powered MP3 player loaded with the entire New Testament in a people's own language. When "JESUS" film teams and partners use the player (called the "Proclaimer")…well, the results are unprecedented! Read about this breakthrough strategy and follow-up tool right here.

He Stepped Out in Faith and God Answered

We love to hear your stories and experiences with "JESUS." Glen sent us a report about his planned mission trip to Russia. But weeks before leaving he learned there was no space for him. Trusting that God would still work, he sent several video copies of "JESUS" with the team. Through those videos, God accomplished much more than Glen could have imagined. Read Glen's account here.

By the way, if you have a story to share, please email your account to Include as much detail as possible, and any high resolution photos you may have. Perhaps you'll see your story in the next online report!

A Gentle, Giving Man Leaves a Legacy

It's our privilege to serve with you and all partners who live out their passion to reach the world for Christ. One such partner is Jim, who recently went home to be with his Lord. Jim lived simply and loved others. He also loved helping to introduce unreached people to the Savior through "JESUS." We're thankful to Jim for all he did. He also designated a portion of an unused IRA account to proclaim Christ after his home going. You can read Jim's story here.

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