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Watch this encouraging video. It's a dream become reality.

For years, staff, partners and Christian workers have longed for a tool that will help ground and follow up with new believers in Africa after they watch "JESUS." At last that tool is here, with proven results that are stunning.

We call it visual storying. African cultures, in fact most rural cultures, hear and understand through their ears and eyes in the context of their day-to-day lives. The new video series, "Walking With JESUS," teaches new believers in ways they can understand, helping to ground them in their faith. Episodes deal with topics like "How to pray," "How to resist sin," "How to walk in the Spirit."

Long-time staff member, Marie Erasmus, attended the premiere and reported stunning effectiveness that exceeded all we hoped for. "At the showing, 80 people attended. This was supposed to be follow-up but five people received the Lord! Everyone begged us to show all the episodes the following nights. The crowds grew and people were touched. This is what we’ve been waiting for; it’s what we need. I’m so excited I can hardly sit down. I just want to go back to Africa and show it to all the people!" Our African partners are showing "Walking With JESUS" now, even as you read. Pray for them and all that see this marvelous new tool of discipleship. Help them not fall away.

How You Can Make a Difference

Thousands of DVDs are needed immediately for workers, volunteers and team members. They see this new follow-up series on DVD as vital to nurturing thousands of new believers, most of whom have come to faith through watching "JESUS." You can help these "babes in Christ" take their next steps in discipleship when you send 12 DVDs with an online gift of $50, or 25 DVDs through a gift of $100. Your partnership will not only help ground new believers in their faith, but win still more to the Savior.

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