What do charity observers say about Jesus Film Project?

Jesus Film Project in association with Campus Crusade for Christ is a charter member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) and stands in full compliance with its guidelines and best practices. You can visit ECFA’s website, www.ECFA.org, to learn more about ECFA and view a stewardship report on Campus Crusade for Christ. Their assessment of our financial practices can help provide one confidence to partner with The JESUS Film Project.

There are other sources for information on the stewardship of Campus Crusade. One of the leading trade journals in the not-for-profit world, The Chronicle of Philanthopy, annually lists the top 400 largest charities in the United States with summary information on each. Over the last two decades, Campus Crusade for Christ has consistently listed in the top 30 charities, based upon contributed revenue.

MinistryWatch.com has listed Campus Crusade for Christ as a Shining Light Ministry. As the online component and a communication outlet for Wall Watchers, MinistryWatch.com independently profiles many public and Christian charities as an advocate and source for donors. Money magazine also lists leading charities (December issue) and Campus Crusade has appeared on their list under the religious groups section.

The ministry’s finances are audited annually by a top accounting firm. The CCC annual report for Fiscal Year 2016, including the auditor’s report is available. You are welcome to view the report online. You will find many answers about Campus Crusade’s stewardship and allocation of funds such as the compensation received by our President and his wife, Steve and Judy Douglass. Steve and Judy raise their own financial support as missionary staff of the organization. For further information please visit www.cru.org.

Campus Crusade for Christ (Cru), of which Jesus Film Project is one of more than 30 ministries, is classified by the I.R.S. as a “Religious Missionary Order” (RMO). Under Internal Revenue Code, an RMO (like a church, convention, or association of churches) is not required to file Form 990. As a result, group lists featured in Charity Navigator and GuideStar do not account for organizations like ours.

We trust this clarification and disclosure provides you the confidence to support this ministry, along with many tens of thousands of others who have invested in this work since 1979.