Asking for Help

Do you have trouble asking for help?

I do. I like to think I can do most things on my own. Independence runs deep.

But I've recently gotten very good at asking for a hand. I'm recovering from surgery and by doctor's orders, I've needed to take it easy. No pushing, pulling, squatting or lifting more than five pounds. And while I've enjoyed passing on things like picking up heavy laundry baskets and vacuuming, it has been rather humbling to let others help me.

Sometimes God gives us assignments that were never meant to be solo gigs. He wants us to ask for help. To lean on each other. To partner.

Take these marching orders from Jesus to his disciples:  "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations …" (Matthew 28:19, ESV). That sounds like an assignment that needs sharing.

Bill Vasey knows something about assignments that are bigger than what he could do on his own. He has spent 40 years as a missionary to a remote, mountainous region in Guatemala, where he translated the Bible into a tribal language known as Central Quichѐ. Over the years, Bill developed deep, personal relationships with the indigenous people. But because many of the Central Quichѐ speakers can't read, God's written Word didn't connect with them.

When the opportunity arose to record "JESUS" in Quichѐ, the soft-spoken 73-year-old saw it as the chance of a lifetime. "The 'JESUS' film has always been impacting," Bill said. "I believe it is a unique ministry and anointed by the Spirit of the Lord."

So Bill helped assemble a team of recording technicians and voice actors to make the recording of Central Quichѐ possible. It took a team of over 30 people from many countries and missions organizations.

When Bill saw the finished version of "JESUS" in Central Quichѐ for the first time, he broke down and cried. With his head in his hands he said, "This is a dream come true."

This concept—of partnering with other people and organizations to help fulfill the Great Commission—is a long-standing Jesus Film® practice. Thousands of churches, organizations and individuals use Jesus Film resources to reach believers around the globe. These partnerships continue to grow, and the life and story of Jesus is reaching further than Jesus Film Project® could ever have done alone.

What about you? We could use your help. Want to join us?

Julie Sanders leads Jesus Film Project's Donor Reporting team and is passionate about inspiring others to communicate the gospel effectively. She has a degree in Organizational Communication and teaches public speaking and writing. Julie is from Southern California and enjoys walking in nature, drinking kombucha, and being with her family, which includes her husband of 24 years and their three sons.

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