Married Couple Planned to Divorce, Before Watching "JESUS"

Tomás and Dulce were on the way to the event to learn how to incorporate God into their curriculum, as teachers in Guatemala. But not only did they learn and receive Christ into their lives, their planned divorce was challenged as a result.

The trainers first presented the gospel to the teachers to provide them with an opportunity to come to the Lord, before proceeding with training in sharing Christ with others. Not all of the teachers who came knew Jesus personally, like Tomás and Dulce.

They arrived to the gathering hoping time would pass quickly, knowing the end of the training would signify the end of their marriage. They would finally be able to part ways from their turbulent relationship.

The goal of the training was to teach public school teachers how to share the film with students, families and their communities.

The event started with a showing of the "JESUS" film, one of the many resources given to the trainees in attendance. By the end of the film, God had used the film in their lives in more than one way.

"The solution to our problems is in Jesus," the couple shared with the trainers.

They decided to give their lives to Christ and then chose not to move forward with their divorce. Christ is now the center of their marriage, slowly restoring what was lost. They feel as though He will guide them to serve and love each other better in the future.

How have you been touched as a result of seeing the "JESUS" film? We would love to hear in the comments below.

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