"Delight" Movie Review

Tez Brooks
Wed June 27, 2018 · Comments

The Film Production team at Jesus Film Project® has charmed us again with another evangelism tool—their new short film, "Delight."

Premiering a few weeks ago, on Father's Day, "Delight" (written by staff member Michael Allen) is one minute and 19 seconds of sweetness, in several ways:

  1. First, let's address the obvious, it's about dessert. Who doesn't love that? I'm not sure if the chef was a real connoisseur, an actor, or both. But he did a great job convincing me he knew what he was doing.
  2. The other sweetness was the adorable little girl in the second scene. Wow, those eyes.
  3. Lastly, the sweetness of the father's reaction and response during an unexpected twist in the plot.

Directed by staff filmmaker Michael Allen, I love the way this tool provides for a natural discussion to take place about the relationship between the dad and the daughter. There's likely no other topic that would inherently come out of your mouth except to comment on that relationship.

Let's be honest, if someone's first response after the film ends is to talk about the mess on the child's plate or something similarly shallow, that viewer might have other issues that a one-minute film can't address.

That aside, "Delight" is a discussion prompter that dovetails sweetly (pun intended) into a natural conversation about one's view of God. 

For example, after the film ends, an easy transition question might be. "Have you ever experienced a moment like that between you and God?" or "Can I share with you a time when I experienced a similar response after I messed things up?"

As with many of our short films, we don't try to control the resulting conversation. Agendas like that can be spotted a mile away. But the scene is meant to spark a non-spiritual, normal conversation. We leave it to the presenter to decide how that conversation might be bridged into a discussion about spiritual things or God.

Kudos for another brilliant movie from a team of awesome missionary filmmakers—all of whom I've served alongside as a filmmaker myself. If you enjoy movies and want to share your faith in a relaxed, easy manner, the Jesus Film® app (with dozens of movies) was made for you! We've even given you some ideas with each film, on how to start a conversation after showing it to someone.

Download it on your mobile device today for free and give it a try. You might just become a mobile missionary.

Award-winning author and screenwriter Tez Brooks, has a passion for seeing God use film to help transform lives. He and his wife Christine, have been full-time missionaries with Jesus Film Project for over 15 years, and he currently serves in the Communications Dept. Some of his work can be found in publications of Focus on the Family, CBN.com, The Upper Room, Worldwide Challenge and more. A huge movie buff, Tez also loves his four children, hiking, pizza and the color orange. When he can find a way to combine all of those, all the better.

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