Extremists Try, But Can "Doo" No Harm

Pastor Kaif* had boldly proclaimed the good news of Christ, covering the entire area with showings of "JESUS" and "Magdalena: Released From Shame" over the course of a couple years. Religious extremists have made multiple threats on his life, but still he persisted.

On one occasion, he heard some of the extremists gathering outside his church. Aware of the danger but at a loss for what to do, he simply sat in front of his church and started praying.

A local woman—a nonbeliever—saw Pastor Kaif's life was in jeopardy. She raced towards the village and gathered 35 other women, also nonbelievers, then hurried back to the church. The throng of women shouted at the religious zealots to leave Kaif alone. "He is our church father," the women protested, "and he is working for our sake."

Then, in an act of ultimate defiance, the mob hurled cow dung at the religious extremists. The men ran away in utter shame.

Since that day, Pastor Kaif's ministry has expanded to two churches with about 120 believers.

God is working through the Church-Planting Movement Initiative (CPMI), a partnership between India Campus Crusade for Christ® and Jesus Film Project®.

The ministry strives to ensure every CPMI church planter is well-equipped biblically, relationally and personally for ministry. Mentors provide these church planters with systematic biblical teaching and training, encourage them in their faith, and guide them in establishing sustainable, multiplying churches. This creates a powerful ripple effect of national believers reaching the unreached with the power and love of Christ.

God used these women to protect Pastor Kaif. God is using women all over the world. Check out the article, "5 Times Jesus Demonstrated Care for Women" from the Bible.

*Some names and/or locations have been changed for confidentiality.

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