Far Reaching Impact

While on a flight to Austin, TX, Steve (Broken Phonebooth) shared the Jesus Film Media™ app with the man sitting next to him. The man reacted with great excitement, saying: “I recall watching the original JESUS film as a child as far back as my memory can serve me. The movie had a profound effect on my life, as at the time it was the only Christian cinematic material available to us in the Middle East, and it was translated into Arabic. I can nearly recite the movie line by line, as I have watched so many times due to the feeling of hope it delivered to a Christian living in that part of the world. I want to thank the team, cast and crew and anyone involved in the making or production of this movie, as it had a far-reaching impact on many people in the Middle East.”

Erick Schenkel served as Executive Director of Jesus Film Project® for six years and is the author of "Everyone, Everywhere: Glimpses of God's Global Work Through People Like You". Prior to this, he led a church-planting team. Erick has two masters degrees and a PhD from Harvard in the Study of Religion. He and his wife served in Central Asia and worked alongside Jesus Film® teams there.

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