Heal Me, Lord!

Thu April 25, 2019 · Comments

Do you ever wish God would use you to bring someone else closer to Him? You hear about divine appointments, or even others given a message from God to share with someone. Do you wonder why God isn't using you in the same way?

Often times, it takes being intentional and stepping out in boldness to share our faith. Then we can see God respond to our prayer by using us as He used Gulloo—a man in Asia:

Gulloo*, a worker for Cru® in Central Asia, silently prayed for the four people he was about to show "JESUS" to. He asked God to use this opportunity to draw them to Himself.

For almost a year, Cru leaders had taught Gulloo how to share the gospel using Jesus Film Project® tools and films. They had given him a digital tablet, which he used to show "JESUS" to the four non-believers.

From the start of the film, the group asked many questions, beginning with Adam and Eve and their banishment from Eden. One man, Elias, was sick and did not speak up until he saw the healing miracles Jesus performed.

"If I ask Him, will He heal me?" Elias asked Gulloo.

"Yes, He will heal you," Gulloo replied.

He further explained that Jesus is alive and is our Healer. Elias and the others were encouraged. Their curiosity soared, and they began asking questions as quickly as he could answer them.

After the showing, Elias asked Gulloo for a Bible! Gulloo was honored to give him one and continued to share more about Christ with him. God truly had answered his prayer.

Who can you share your faith with today? If you were encouraged by this story, consider reading "Are Missionaries Still Needed?"

*Some names and/or locations have been changed for confidentiality.

A recent graduate from Wright State University in Ohio, Sarah Olsen, graduated with a degree in mass communication and is excited to combine her passions for God, writing and travel with Jesus Film Project. Olsen has written for an integrated broadcasting, publishing and digital media company, and as a student reporter for her university. You can find additional publications at Dayton.com and Wright.edu/newsroom. After interning with Jesus Film Project for two years, she has decided to join staff with the ministry. She enjoys learning about other cultures, watching movies, eating ice cream and being outdoors.

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