Tez Brooks
Tez Brooks
Sat November 25, 2017 · Comments

Holy Grounds

I love a good cup of coffee. It's even better with a friend or as a relational, unthreatening way to get to know someone new. Coffee, tea and other drinks bring people together and help new relationships not feel so stiff and formal during that first meeting.

This seems to work almost anywhere in the world. Check out this story...

Reiner was sharing the story of Jesus in a small village when one man interjected, "Jesus told his disciples to 'Love your enemies.'"

Reiner was shocked. No one had ever taken the gospel to this Middle Eastern village. "That's correct, where did you hear that?" he asked.

Flashing a smile he answered, "I saw the 'JESUS' film a year ago in another city. I got my own copy and watched it again. Then I started reading the New Testament, and I know all the stories you are telling me about now."

Reiner and his team of missionaries had prayed and searched for a man of peace, someone who could connect them to the rest of the community. Obviously, God was answering their prayers

"Let me introduce you to my friends," the local said, "and you can give them Jesus. They will be so happy to hear this!"

Through this man, Reiner and his team were welcomed by the village. Many villagers invited the foreigners into their home for coffee. To thank these hosts for their hospitality, Reiner's team gave them "JESUS" DVDs as gifts.

In a culture that isn't normally open to Christians, having coffee together gives locals the opportunity to see and hear the story of Jesus, in a relaxed, relational atmosphere. Many respond by indicating decisions to follow Him. Never underestimate the power of a conversation about Jesus, shared over a cup of coffee!

Jesus Film® DVDs easily permeate the private Middle Eastern culture, allowing many in this region to hear the gospel. From 2000 through 2015, an estimated 1 million DVDs were distributed, and in 2016, 18,000* were handed out. You can download the Jesus Film app for free on your mobile device and share Jesus anywhere.

How about you? Is there someone you could share the gospel with over a cup of coffee? What ways have you used to break the ice and share Jesus with others?

*includes "JESUS," "Magdalena: Released From Shame" and "The Story of Jesus for Children"

Award-winning author Tez Brooks, serves at Jesus Film Project with his wife Christine. Editor-in-Chief for our reporting team, Tez has been writing for decades, with some of his work appearing in The Upper Room, Worldwide Challenge, CBN.com and Clubhouse magazine.