The Joy of the Lord

Thu January 10, 2019 · Comments

Helen* had built a perfect life in Romania. She had a blossoming family of 10 healthy children, a loving relationship with her husband and a thriving business.

It all started to crumble with a diagnosis. Helen's focus shifted from her seemingly perfect life to her newfound battle against cancer.

But Helen didn't want to give up hope. She believed she had the strength to push forward with her business, and her husband hired a nanny for their children while she began chemotherapy.

Just when she felt a sense of normalcy returning, Helen noticed her husband growing distant. He was cold toward her. He paid little attention to the children. Soon he came to her with a confession. He had fallen in love with the nanny.

Any semblance of Helen's joy shattered at that moment, and the strength she thought she had fizzled away. Her husband left with the nanny, forcing Helen to scale back her business, raise 10 children with just the help of her mother all the while fighting cancer.

One day Helen heard a radio spot promoting a free film screening. Intrigued and needing a brief break from her worries, she attended the showing of "Magdalena: Released From Shame" with her children. The story of Jesus' life and sacrifice moved her, and she decided to follow Him. Everything in her life had been going wrong. But now Helen knew true joy as she basked in the light of God's love.

Helen began attending a "Rivka" follow-up group with her mother, growing in her faith a little more every day. She learned the joy of the Lord gave her more strength than trying to rely on herself.

Not long after that, Helen learned she was cancer-free. She continues to find joy in her deepening relationship with God and is raising her children to also follow Jesus.

Praise God for this miracle in her life. Jesus healed many throughout Scriptures. Share with us in the comments below, how you have seen God act as a Healer in your life or in someone's you know.

*Names have been changed for the security of individuals.

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