Longing for More in SE Asia

Zeya had just finished a Friday night showing of "Magdalena" in a town where the viewers could not get enough. They were so fascinated by the film that they clamored for more! Zeya obliged, and most of the crowd stayed to watch the entire "JESUS" film as well. Many people from the crowd asked afterward how they could watch more, so Zeya handed out DVDs of both "Magdalena" and "JESUS" in the language of that country.

Members from a nearby family led by a matriarch named Hayma returned from work to the sound of "Magdalena." They approached Zeya, who was standing at  the back of the crowd operating the projection set,  and asked him what was going on. He explained the significance of the "Magdalena" film and then offered them free DVDs so they could watch the film from the beginning. The family accepted copies of both films. Zeya smiled and said he would visit them in two days in case they had any questions.

When Zeya returned that Sunday, he asked whether the family liked the films. Hayma said they had watched them over and over again, every chance they could! Zeya beamed at this wonderful news. He began to ask the family spiritual questions.

Soon he learned Hayma was not just any follower of another religion, but a leader of the local religious association. Yet she seemed open to the messages of "Magdalena" and "JESUS."

Finally Zeya asked what the family thought about Christ.

"Jesus is a loving God," Hayma said. "But I haven't received Christ yet. We felt something like we never felt before. It is God's love!"

Pray for Hayma, her family, and for all the people of SE Asia to turn to Jesus.

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