One Mom’s Modern Medical Miracle

Here at Jesus Film Project®, we hear of miracles happening all the time overseas. I would contend that they happen in the U.S. too, more often than we realize.

It's so easy for us—as cynical Americans—to dismiss miracles in these modern times. How often have we heard about a tumor shrinking or someone's cancer disappearing? These anomalies cause us to consider medical miracles as merely a doctor's mistake or our misunderstanding of a situation. Consider this miracle account from a mom in Florida:

At 42 years old, I was pregnant with my second child. Because I was a high-risk pregnancy, I made an appointment with a specialist.

Sadly, after two ultrasounds, the doctors were convinced my unborn daughter had a clubfoot.

When I first got the news, I watched the ultrasound video and was overcome with emotion. What else could be wrong?

I prayed in the doctor's office and continued in the car on the way home. Perhaps God could do a miracle. Suddenly, I was filled with a God-given faith. I pleaded for His favor on my baby.

As I prayed, the Holy Spirit brought Luke 8:50 to mind, where Jesus told Jairus, "Don't be afraid, just believe and your daughter will be healed."

God was speaking to me and I believed He answered my prayer. I knew I didn't need to pray anymore. I just needed to have the faith to believe, like Jairus.

So, against my normal response, I stopped praying and began expecting Anicah to be born with two healthy feet.

She was!

My newborn was perfectly normal in every way. The doctors couldn't understand why the ultrasound had shown otherwise.

Today, Anicah is 13 and I still have those ultrasound images. From time to time I look at them and then at my daughter's beautifully normal feet. It builds my faith and prayer life today.

I pray about situations more. I believe God for more these days. When I pray, it's with more authority because I've seen God work.

The Lord heard my prayer and performed a miracle.

God still works among us today. Consider the miracles of Jesus while He was on Earth. What about you? Do you have a miracle story to share? Tell us about it in the comments below.

Award-winning author, screenwriter, and international speaker, Tez Brooks, has a passion for seeing God use film to help transform lives. He currently serves in our Outreach Strategies Dept creating new evangelism tools. Some of Tez's writing can be found in publications of Focus on the Family,, The Upper Room, Guideposts and more. His award-winning screenplay "Jangled," can be viewed on the Jesus Film app. He and his wife Christine, have four children and have been full-time missionaries with Jesus Film Project for over 18 years. Learn more at

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