Refugees in Germany Watch "JESUS" and Decide to Follow Him

Have you ever hosted an event where everyone you invited came ... and brought friends? And you were beginning to worry that there wouldn't be enough food?

That was the situation of one of our ministry partners in Europe, Elijah21, as they hosted a showing of the film "JESUS." They, too, feared there might be a shortage of food and free Old Testament Bibles. Read on to find out how God provided, and how the refugees responded to the event.

Four large buses filled with food visited five refugee camps to provide a free dinner, film showing, and Old Testament Bible to anyone who was interested. Upon seeing the large crowds, the team prayed that God had provided them with enough food and free copies of the Old Testament.

But sure enough, He had!

One missionary invited five refugees the day before the event. Not only did the five come, but so did 25 of their friends! Similarly, one Afghan refugee brought three of his friends to receive food.

Following dinner, the refugees watched  "JESUS" and many responded emotionally to the film. As a Syrian pharmacist with teary eyes watched the film, he said, "We need this Jesus."

A member of a dominant religion in Somalia admitted to not knowing about Jesus but he was nevertheless moved in his heart by Jesus' love and kindness.

Elijah21's staff and local church volunteers prayed with zeal and authority, pleading for the salvation of every refugee in attendance.

Refugees who had accepted Christ saw how their non-believing friends were reacting as they watched the film. This inspired them to invite more Muslim friends and fellow refugees to attend other "JESUS" film showings and have a relationship with Jesus!

The missionaries were approached by many refugees wanting to exchange cell-phone numbers so that they could stay in touch with the church afterward.

God promises that His Word won't return void. In this case the Gospel of Luke went out through the "JESUS" film.

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A recent graduate from Wright State University in Ohio, Sarah Olsen, graduated with a degree in mass communication and is excited to combine her passions for God, writing and travel with Jesus Film Project. Olsen has written for an integrated broadcasting, publishing and digital media company, and as a student reporter for her university. You can find additional publications at and After interning with Jesus Film Project for two years, she has decided to join staff with the ministry. She enjoys learning about other cultures, watching movies, eating ice cream and being outdoors.

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