A Resurrected Life

Thu March 29, 2018 · Comments

Is there anything more desperate than a mother holding an ailing child? Can Jesus reach into that desperate moment and show Himself faithful? He can, and He does.

Just read this story we recently received from a partner ministry using Jesus Film Project tools to plant over 100 churches in South Asia.

Joseph stood before the distraught family, the mother clutching her dead infant in her arms. They begged Joseph to pray to his Christian God for healing.

Joseph was no stranger to miraculous healing. When he had first heard about Jesus, he was near death. As a spiritual leader in his family's religion, he naturally prayed to his gods for healing. But while lying on his own deathbed, someone shared the story of Jesus with him, and Joseph made the decision to follow Jesus. Immediately after making that decision, Joseph got out of bed, completely healed.

Amazed by God's work in his life, Joseph began sharing his testimony of Jesus with others. Word quickly spread within his community. Some were astounded by his story and wanted to know more. Others—like his own relatives—felt betrayed and wanted him dead.

As Joseph stood before this grieving family, he knew hired thugs were on their way to kill him. Yet he still made the decision to stay and pray for this child.


Before Joseph could finish speaking with the family, the door burst open. Men filed in, ready to attack Joseph. Throwing his hands up, Joseph jumped in front of the family and cried out to the men.

"If my God heals the baby and brings him back to life, you will know my God is the real God," he told them. "And if He doesn’t, you can kill me."

Then, Joseph prayed.

Silence. And then, the infant stirred in his mother's arms. The tense, quiet room erupted with cries of rejoicing and disbelief.

Astounded, the men put down their weapons and turned to Joseph. "We want to know more about this God." By the end of the evening, the men and everyone in the infant's family decided to follow Jesus.

As God would have it, these men, who came to the house that night planning to kill Joseph, ultimately started a church with him instead.

When I read stories like this, I’m challenged to consider the ways I’m missing out on God showing His resurrection power in my life. Do I bring Him into the desperate places? What about you? Who do you know that needs to see the power of the resurrection in their personal life? Could the clip of Jesus appearing to his friends and disciples after being raised from the dead, help you better share about Easter?

Julie Sanders leads Jesus Film Project's Donor Reporting team and is passionate about inspiring others to communicate the gospel effectively. She has a degree in Organizational Communication and teaches public speaking and writing. Julie is from Southern California and enjoys walking in nature, drinking kombucha, and being with her family, which includes her husband of 24 years and their three sons.

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