Showers of Praise

Wed June 8, 2016 · Comments

Church leaders in a city in South America thought people in the barrios did not want to hear the gospel, so they felt quite surprised at the number of people who attended one film showing. Unfortunately it started to rain, so residents began to leave for home. The leaders began to pray for the rain to stop and people to return. To their great delight God answered their prayer as people came back with umbrellas and plastic to shield themselves from the rain. The film resumed playing. "We praised the Lord for the way He was glorified and many lives were touched," remarked a church leader.

Elizabeth Schenkel has been actively involved in Christian ministry on three continents over the past 39 years. From 1974 to 1996, she worked alongside her husband, Erick Schenkel, to plant a thriving church and launch an innovative elementary and junior high school in Massachusetts. From 1996 to 2007 Elizabeth and Erick lived and worked in Central Asia.

In 2007, they moved to France and then to Turkey to serve in North Africa, the Middle East, and the Turkic and Persian world. In April of 2012 they moved to Orlando where Erick is serving as Executive Director of Jesus Film Project®. They have five children and two grandchildren. Elizabeth attended Duke University and is fluent in Russian, with a working knowledge of French. She works as a screen writer with Jesus Film Project.

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