Strategizing Together

Thu September 6, 2018 · Comments

Thousands of churches, organizations and individuals use Jesus Film® resources to reach believers around the globe. These partnerships continue to grow, and the life and story of Jesus is reaching further than Jesus Film Project® could ever have done alone.

Bill Vasey spent 40 years as a missionary to a remote, mountainous region in Guatemala, where he translated the Bible into a tribal language known as Central Quichѐ. Over the years Bill developed deep, personal relationships with the indigenous people. When the opportunity arose to record "JESUS" in Quichѐ, the soft-spoken 73-year-old saw it as the chance of a lifetime.

"The 'JESUS' film has always been impacting," Bill said. "I believe it is a unique ministry and anointed by the Spirit of the Lord."

This concept—of partnering with other people and organizations to help fulfill the Great Commission—is a long-standing Jesus Film practice. But only recently have partners asked to learn how to record and produce "JESUS" themselves. This venture, known as the Recording Partnerships project, trains partners in language production, script adaptation and voice-over recordings. Partners like Youth With A Mission, International Missions Board, Faith Comes By Hearing and others, will dramatically expand the goals of getting "JESUS" and its companion films into the hands of people who need to hear about Jesus Christ.

"We don’t have enough people, bottom line," said Tom Dennen, recording partnership coordinator for Jesus Film Project's Master Studio. "We’re not in the places that other groups are … They already have relationships; they already have functional operations in those [places]. They have compounds and ministries to groups that we're not able to touch."

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