Who Are Today’s Widows?

Tez Brooks
Thu May 31, 2018 · Comments

"My husband died from Ebola," said Jartu.

Jartu lives in the African country of Sierra Leone. She depended totally on her husband to provide what she needed. Since his death, she was struggling to meet her basic daily needs.

In many countries, widows are often devalued, ignored—even cast out of society. 

Thankfully, Jartu has a kind neighbor who invited her to watch the "JESUS" film. The film team showed the film in her village several nights in a row.

In the film, Jartu saw how Jesus loves everyone, how He is compassionate and cares for everyone's needs. "I realized how my neighbor was Christ's hands and feet to me, helping me in my time of need, even though I was from a another  religious group."

After watching the "JESUS" film several nights in a row, Jartu knew she wanted to accept Jesus into her heart. Now she's attending church and discipleship classes to learn more about God.

When I heard Jartu's story, I was troubled. I'm often guilty of overlooking others. I can get so wrapped up in caring for my wife and children that I forget the command to show love to widows and orphans. And these days, we have others who also need us … like women who've been abandoned by husbands and are alone and struggling.

Then there are the children caught in the middle. They may not be orphans, but they are often fatherless, nonetheless.

When I'm aware, I try to offer help to widows or single moms and dads trying to raise kids alone. All too often I'm clueless.

When I do remember to reach out, I feel God's pleasure. He has a special heart for them. Whether it's trimming trees or taking the kids off their hands for a few hours, we can be God's love extended to parents. Who knows, you might just help someone see Jesus in you.

Do you have any Jartus in your life? What are some ways you might help ease their burden and be Christ to them? Share your ideas below.

Award-winning author and screenwriter Tez Brooks, has a passion for seeing God use film to help transform lives. He and his wife Christine, have been full-time missionaries with Jesus Film Project for over 15 years, and he currently serves in the Communications Dept. Some of his work can be found in publications of Focus on the Family, CBN.com, The Upper Room, Worldwide Challenge and more. A huge movie buff, Tez also loves his four children, hiking, pizza and the color orange. When he can find a way to combine all of those, all the better.

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