VHS Cassette Won't Stop Playing "JESUS"

A Muslim man from Morocco, found an old video cassette titled, "JESUS" and continued viewing the movie without a cassette in the VCR!

In an Arabic screening room at a refugee camp in Italy, the Moroccan man recently shared that he had found the old video cassette on the streets years ago, and decided to watch it. After 30 minutes, he became uncomfortable, and wanted to stop the film.

He removed the cassette, but the "JESUS" film continued playing without the cassette in the machine. Then he got scared and turned off the TV. To prepare this man's heart to respond, God first chose to divinely get his attention with the supernatural VCR experience.

At his second opportunity—a "JESUS" film showing in Germany—it all made sense and came together for him. His life was transformed for all eternity. He now wants to know much more about Jesus and grow in his newly found faith. Did you know that 80 percent of the reach of the "JESUS" film is accomplished through partners like Elijah 21?

Praise God for how He uses the message of the gospel on film today through tools like DVDs (which replaced VCR cassettes) to bring people into a relationship with Himself. Because of ministry partnerships, the body of Christ is working together using simple gospel media tools (even old ones) to reach the world for Jesus!

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