When The Best Is Not Enough

Mon November 9, 2015 · Comments

In 2013 a JESUS Film® ministry team in Estonia introduced "Magdalena" during a community event called the Old Town Days of Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia. More than 100 people attended the showing. Noting the large attendance, one event organizer commented to a ministry leader: "We will probably have to change our tactics. Our best singers are singing and best preachers are preaching, but people are coming and going. Now you show the movie, and there are 100 people watching! We probably need to show them good Christian movies." The ministry leader credited the large attendance to prayer, saying, "A lot of people around the world are praying for us now." The ministry received 77 comment cards, and most of them were very positive. One woman in her 60s wrote on her comment card that she received Christ as her Savior.

Erick Schenkel brings a range of experience to his role as Executive Director of Jesus Film Project®. Erick led a church-planting team that established a church and an elementary school in Massachusetts, USA, right after his graduation from Harvard College. While leading this church, Erick earned two masters degrees and a PhD from Harvard in the Study of Religion. During this time, he and his wife, Elizabeth, developed a desire to work in the Middle East.

Erick moved to Central Asia and was director of the non-profit organization, Partnership in Academics and Development, from 1999 until 2012, working in the fields of education and economic development. During that time, the Schenkels also worked alongside Jesus Film® teams in Central Asia. Erick took the lead in starting a Bible school and served as director of a movement of nationally-led churches. Erick then served for five years as Strategy Director for North Africa, Middle East, and Central Asia for Campus Crusade for Christ. Erick became the third Executive Director of Jesus Film Project in March 2012, succeeding Jim Green and founder Paul Eshleman.

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