Women Disciplers Multiply in Europe

Marian* invited everyone she could to see the "JESUS" film at her house. People young and old came because her contagious smile made them feel welcome and valued.

While the film showing was an occasion for her community to experience the gospel, it was also an opportunity for Marian to be encouraged by the Holy Spirit's work. Her heart swelled with joy as she watched her friends and neighbors see the life of Jesus unfold. Through their tears of realization, Marian saw the start of their transformations. As they discovered Jesus and indicated decisions to follow Him, Marian's neighbors became her brothers and sisters in Christ.

When Marian met separately with the women in small groups, they would watch "Magdalena: Released From Shame" and discuss what they learned. One of the attendees was Sveta—a woman hesitant but curious about this message of love and transformation. After Sveta came to Christ, Marian continued to encourage Sveta in her walk with Jesus.

In one year the women's group grew to 10 people. As Sveta's faith grew stronger, Marian showed her how to lead a small group of her own. Sveta learned to use Jesus Film Project® resources and started sharing the gospel with others as well. She helped lead two women to Christ through "Magdalena" and started her own follow-up group.

Meanwhile, Marian moved to another city where she continued to grow in her ministry skills. Just like her previous home, her new place soon became the hub for showings of "JESUS" and "Magdalena." Marian also began a new small group. There she met Yana and her husband, and Marian started training Yana as a potential leader. Now the two women lead the small group together.

Every time Marian introduces someone to Jesus's life-changing story, her heart grows a little bigger. Through her faithfulness to God, Marian is helping influence the lives of women and others in the world.

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*Some identifying details may have been changed for confidentiality.

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