Casting the Nets Widely

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In Luke’s fifth chapter, Simon Peter was skeptical when Jesus told him to cast his nets into the sea, but God delivered an awe-inspiring miracle.

Similarly, understanding the potential for radio and television strategies can be challenging, but God is moving in awe-inspiring ways. Broadcast is a reach strategy-like casting nets. And like Peter, Jesus Film Project® has been trusting God for the lives touched.

Broadcasting the powerful story of Jesus is made possible through multiple, instrumental partners-those who help Jesus Film Project reach everyone, everywhere.

One such partner is Trans World Radio (TWR). “Even with a program broadcast every day, it takes time to engage an audience to the point that they will interact with you,” TWR representative, Brandon Neal shared. “However, with the ‘JESUS’ film audio drama, we found that a one-time broadcast engaged thousands around the world. This demonstrates the effectiveness of radio to engage an audience-and also the impact of quality content.”

Some of the responses were:

  • “I have studied [my country’s religion] and discovered that it is not the truth. I was looking for truth when I found the TWR Arabic Radio Programs. I’m scared to believe in Jesus, but I know that Jesus brings comfort and peace. I will call unto Him and ask Him to clear my heart from any fear.”
  • “I’m a blind person. Your programs are irreplaceable to me. The soundtrack of this ‘JESUS’ movie is the most precious gift.”
  • “I listened to the broadcast with my relatives and it gave me the opportunity to share with them about salvation. Thank you.”

The significant reach doesn’t stop at radio. As of November 2019, over 70,116,000 people watched the “JESUS” film on television in 47 countries.

Jesus Film Project’s broadcast specialist Tom Terry said, “Many people groups, especially in risky areas of the world, need to hear the gospel multiple times before making a decision to follow Christ. This is because it entails great risk to their family, livelihood, or life. Broadcasts of ‘JESUS’ help people come to a decision. Without broadcast, we would see fewer people come to Christ.”

Ask the Lord for more open doors to broadcast “JESUS” in other countries so all can hear the gospel.