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When Prison Leads to Church Planting

They pressured him greatly. The jailers couldn’t believe that whole villages would willingly give up their gods. He had to be paying them! But Gorshan remained faithful.

Finally, about 10:00 in the evening, they released him, but not without a stern warning:

“You will NOT travel to other villages and you will NOT start more churches! We will be watching you closely … unless you wish to be imprisoned again.”

Gorshan complied, but now with a new, different approach. Remaining in his home village, he began to train 22 lay leaders to share the gospel and plant churches in 45 villages, using “JESUS” and the End to End strategy!

Today he oversees ministry in those 45 villages—through the lay teams! Of the 45 villages, 40 have prayer groups or churches, with more being added. God turned the tables on Satan, using a travel and church-planting ban to multiply effectiveness!

And nearly all these lay leaders are young men and/or fathers. They are introducing hundreds to their Heavenly Father who sent His own Son, Jesus Christ, to die in their place, offer forgiveness for sins, and give all who believe eternal life. Here’s how you can join with them this Father’s Day.

A Church-Planting Strategy That Works

End to End is an incredibly effective partnership strategy that equips church planters like Gorshan to train others, show “JESUS” to unreached people, plant churches, and expand the kingdom of God. As they learn and grow in their faith, these leaders become like spiritual fathers, sharing the Word of God, praying for new believers, and strengthening churches.

End to End is a global partnership with ministries like Wycliffe Bible Translators, Faith Comes By Hearing, American Bible Society and Jesus Film Project®. Starting from “one end,” Scripture is translated for an unreached group, teams are mobilized, trained, and equipped to show “JESUS,” and then they plant churches that grow … The “other end” is reached with the production of thriving, reproducing churches.

Send More Teams ... Powerful Partnership

Because the strategy is a partnership with other ministries, your gift of $54 will cover the needs of one India End to End team for a week. If every person receiving my email will catch the vision and seize this opportunity, the number of people who can be reached with the gospel will be huge, with hundreds of churches being planted.

A Nation Waiting for "JESUS"

Nearly a billion people in Gorshan’s nation have never heard nor understood the gospel. Because these teams are so effective…because the power of “JESUS” is the very Word of God... I want to motivate every person to have a part.

This is what your gift today can do: Reach more people for Christ and enable new believers to be baptized, who will then join thriving, growing churches! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you and everyone who received my email responded, sending out new India End to End teams to reach men, women and children with the good news? 

If you agree that this is a wonderful opportunity to lead thousands in India to Christ, to mobilize new teams who will plant thriving, reproducing churches, would you make your $54 gift now? Just click the button below to send your gift. It’s safe and secure. The fruit of your gift will last eternally.

Thank you so much!

A Great Father’s Day Gift

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