At Home and Away—“JESUS” Goes With You

Friends like you are taking “JESUS” to reach the unreached in their own backyard and abroad. There are so many ways to share the good news with those who still need to know His love. Be inspired as you read their stories:

Jason and his bride live in Michigan. He shares how God made a meaningful connection possible between his family and a neighboring African refugee family−a father, mother and eight children from Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)−along with a few of their friends.  

We have visited them before and struggled to communicate beyond the barest understanding, as their English is very rudimentary. I wish I’d had a camera to capture the moment when we pulled out a cellphone with your (Jesus Film®) app and looked up the Kinyarwanda language on the Congo map.

“We began playing the ‘JESUS’ movie in their heart language. If only you could have seen the many faces all crowded around the cellphone, hearing people in their mother tongue proclaiming the Word of God. It was a truly special moment to see how captivated they were—young and old, still and silent, mesmerized.

“Our family has also benefited from your new movies that show the chief converting to Christianity and struggling with how to live his life in a new way, now that he knows Jesus (‘Walking With Jesus’ follow-up series in 13 languages).

“I should also mention that I am a Christian because of the ‘JESUS’ film. I accepted Christ after watching it in 2005. Bless you all, and may God continue to give you success in the form of bringing many sons to glory. We will gladly continue to donate to Jesus Film Project.” — Mr. and Mrs. Jason Silverthorne

And here’s an encouraging account from Thailand. This missionary contacted us through the Jesus Film website to share how she uses Jesus Film products in Thai:

"Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I just wanted to say thank you so much for making ‘Magdalena: Released From Shame’ available in Thai. I am doing ministry in Thailand with university students. Many of them have never heard about Jesus or know only a little about Him.

“I recently discovered ‘Magdalena’ on the internet in Thai. In the last two weeks, I have shown it to 11 students, most of whom are Buddhists. Now, I am starting to tell some of the Muslim students about it, too. The students have all been very attentive to the movie and have talked of Jesus and His love after it. One of the students came to a fellowship meeting tonight and another is asking more questions about Jesus.

“Thank you so much for your care in getting good Thai voices for this film and translating it well. A heartfelt thanks to all who were involved in making this beautiful movie and then later making it accessible online. I am using a computer for projection on a big screen, which the students enjoy. God's best to you!"

Your gifts and prayers help make stories like these possible. Thank you!

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