Finish Three Translations!


Your gift today will help finish three new language translations so these people groups can have the chance to hear the gospel in their own language!

 Your generous gift today will help finish the work!

Witness the power of the "JESUS" film—even in a different language!

Isn’t it amazing what God’s Word can do?

You know the impact of God’s Word in your life, and you can probably share stories of how the gospel has molded and shaped you.

Yes, the Word of God penetrates even the hardest of hearts and, as the video showed, can even turn witch doctors into worshippers.

That miracle story shows how the faith of just one man helped more than 7,000 people enter the kingdom of heaven …  and how just seeing the “JESUS” film has power.  But imagine if they heard it in their own language!

The “JESUS” Film Breaks Down Walls.

There are hundreds of men and women like Binora, waiting to get the film in their own language so they too can share the love of Jesus with their families and countrymen.

With your help, the film can now be translated into three new languages and shared with thousands of people – in Africa, Nepal and Southeast Asia.

Over the years, the “JESUS” film has been the vehicle through which millions of people have come to know Christ. Yet as you know, our work as believers will not be complete until our Savior returns.

So I want to let you know that we are close to completing three new translations for Africa, Nepal and Southeast Asia. It is within reach, and your generous gift today will help finish the work.

You know the potential impact this will have.

Binora’s story in this video gives you just a glimpse of his passion for Christ and what the Holy Spirit can do through faithful believers like you and Binora.

They say that seeing is believing, but …

Imagine the impact if moms, dads, and children could see and hear the “JESUS” film in their own language!

The video you just watched was from a remote community in East Africa. The transformation there began with the mustard-seed faith of just one man.

He was obedient and, like you, he knew that the “JESUS” film would open up the floodgates and let the Holy Spirit wash through their villages.

He believed that nothing – not even the risk of death – could hold Jesus back. And because of that faith, Binora saw thousands in his community accept Christ – even his father who was a feared witch doctor!

This is wonderful news, right?

And more than anything, we want you to participate in this joy by helping to finish three new translations for villages in Africa, Nepal and Southeast Asia.

With your help, families will soon hear the best news of their lives.

We must not let anything get in the way of sharing the gospel.  Your donation today will be a direct response to the Great Commission.

It works out to be around $80 for you to finish 15 seconds of the “JESUS” film.

Fifteen seconds may not seem like much.  But remember that you’ll be joining with your Christian brothers and sisters from across the world to make this miracle happen.  You’ll be part of the body of Christ in action!

And you’ll LOVE knowing that you played a concrete role in helping unreached people see and hear the gospel in their own language!

Just a reminder of what is at stake here …

You saw in Binora’s video that 7,000 people came to know Jesus and that multiple churches were planted throughout the region.

Even his witch doctor father believed and was baptized!

That is a miracle in itself.  Just imagine what can happen with your gift today … Thousands could become TENS OF THOUSANDS!

We’re so thankful for you and ask that, when you prayerfully choose the amount you’re going to give, you simply click here to fill in the amount on our giving page.  

You can also give by telephone, by calling toll free (800) 387-4040, from 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Pacific Time on any weekday.  Or you can print a response card here and send a gift by mail.  
We thank God for you!


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