When A Radical Tribal Chief Met Jesus


A miracle moment! These are former terrorists and jihadists, members of militant tribes who have come to Christ. Here they are being trained, learning how to use the “JESUS” film to lead others like themselves to the Truth they have found. They are willing to risk their lives so their countrymen might meet Jesus.

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The film team approached a highly-placed chief who oversaw more than 150 various tribes, nearly all militants. When the team members offered to show “JESUS” he put them in jail.

After two weeks, the guards asked to see the film because it was in their language. The team set up their tiny projector, containing a microSD memory card of “JESUS” and started the film. The chief heard what was happening and went to watch…in the prison!

But midway through the film showing, he ordered them to stop and then he left. He immediately returned with his family. Soon, all the prisoners, the guards, the chief and his family were watching “JESUS”—and hearing the Word of God—within the confines of the prison! When it was over, the chief asked the film team to show it again. At the end of the second “JESUS” showing, the chief stood and left the prison again. He returned and pulled out a tribal sword. Would he kill the team? But then he spoke.

This sword has been passed down from chief to chief for a thousand years.” He handed the sword to the film team and said: “I am no longer a tribal chief. I’m handing over my life, my ways and my sword to you. I’m going to follow Jesus.” Through his influence the team went on to show “JESUS” in all the villages. Within two weeks, several hundred house churches were planted … all in a militant area!

This is but the beginning of the story. Millions in militant areas have yet to hear. They’ve never even heard the name of Jesus. Yet you can tell them. By clicking the button below, you can help equip hundreds of waiting film teams with thousands of needed DVDs and microSD cards. You can help make it possible for the Holy Spirit to transform lives in restricted countries.

The gospel is so revolutionary that radicals respond with an all new passion and allegiance and are willing to give their lives for Christ, the one true God! Thank you so much.

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