He Was Overwhelmed by God's Love


The Africa film team showed “JESUS,” and at the end of the showing, they invited anyone to come to the front of the crowd to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Ibrahima was the first to respond. He raised his hand and boldly came forward to give his life to Christ. He told one of the team workers that as he watched “JESUS,” he became convicted of sin and his need for a Savior. Ibrahima gladly surrendered his life to Christ and joined a local church.

The pastor of the church called the film team a few weeks later to say this Fulani man was rejoicing in his new-found salvation. Encouraged, the film team went to Ibrahima’s home. They learned that he was an ex-convict, overwhelmed that God still loved him. He shared how he had been instantly healed of his stomach pain the very day he gave his life to Christ.

Later that night, the team met with his entire family. His wife then gave her life to Jesus. In front of his family, Ibrahima completely denounced his idols and made a commitment to serve Christ alone. He told the worker, “If you could only see my heart, you would know that I truly accepted Christ as my Savior.” As a committed member of his church, he travels at least an hour when they have an all-area, all-night prayer meeting!

Glory to God! Last year alone, an estimated 374 million people watched Jesus Film® media, and 42 million believed and were made new—rescued “from the domain of darkness and transferred ... to the kingdom of His beloved Son.” †

Thanks to you, more teams, tools and language translations are reaching people for Christ. With your prayers and generous support, many more will hear the good news through Jesus Film Project. It is an exciting time to work together to reach everyone with “JESUS.” For your intercession, giving and obedience, thank you. Partnering with you, we will not rest until everyone, everywhere, has seen “JESUS.” Thank you!

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† Colossians 1:13 (New American Standard Version).


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