January 2021 Prayer Requests


“And He who sits on the throne said, ‘Behold, I am making all things new’”
 (Revelation 21:5, New American Standard Version). 


1.       Praise the Lord that we completed 500 translations of Mission 865!  Only 365 more to go in the next five years. It's been a challenging year with about half the productivity as previous years, but we are thankful for what God has enabled us to do.

Please pray for our Master Studio to encounter open doors, and for creative opportunities with immigrants and partners and other strategies we are working on. May Jesus move mountains for us!

2.       Praise God that an estimated 100 million people viewed the “JESUS” film on TV broadcasts in 138 nations over the Christmas holidays.

3.       Every month since early this fall, our YouTube channel receives an average of 5 million views.
In the first nine months of 2019, the JFP YouTube channel had over 17.7 million views.
In that same time period in 2020, the channel had more than 47.7 million views!

Prayer Requests

1.       Virtual Script Adaptation Workshop in the nation of Cameroon. This workshop is for the creation of a written script for a key language. Work was done on it last month and progress was made. Please pray for the following steps in the process to be completed in January:

a.    Praise God for enabling a virtual script adaptation workshop, across three countries, to complete the adaptation of the “JESUS” film script to a new language.

b.    Pray for the next steps which include reviewing the script with native speakers. Ask God to raise up speakers from across all spectrums of life to make sure the script is clear and natural to the mother-tongue speakers.

c.    Pray for the recording of the film once the other steps are complete; a key need is finding voice actors willing to speak the parts in the film. This language is spoken in the militant area. Pray for responsive hearts as the actors record Jesus and in those who will see Jesus through film showings. Even at this early stage, God can touch hearts with the truth of the gospel.

2.       The work of our Digital Evangelism team in developing online tools for ministry:

a.     Please pray for the current ”Next Steps” campaign that is seeking to reach people in 15 countries with 22 online missional teams.

b.     Pray that the team will learn how to effectively implement ministry, reach more people and serve well alongside the national film teams.

c.     Pray that evangelistic conversations taking place will result a spiritual harvest as teams leverage the “NextSteps” platform and process.

3.       Lift up the work of the Digital Strategies Animation team:

a.       Pray for the team working on the “Chosen Witness” film and that the film would be ready for release on March 8th (International Women’s Day).

·       Pray specifically for the technical crew finishing the “Chosen Witness” film.

·       Pray for the live music recording on January 12th.

b.       Pray also for the Master Studio as they prepare 30 language tracks from “JESUS” and “Magdalena” recordings.

c.       Pray for international film teams as they prepare strategies for the digital rollout of this new evangelistic film.

4.     Please join in praying for the top 12 countries of the world.  This month lift up Japan, a nation of more than 126 million people of which only 2.2% are Christian. To learn more, go to: https://joshuaproject.net/countries/JA

In addition, please pray for the following

1.       Pray for fruitful results from January efforts to add new monthly financial partners to underwrite the work of Cru® church-planting and partner film teams. Pray the Holy Spirit will touch hearts and prompt 250 friends to become regular investors to help send more workers to reach men, women and children for Christ across the globe.

2.       Pray for the development of effective ways to track our monthly partners and to grow their ongoing involvement through prayer, giving and advocacy.

3.       Lift up the enlistment of friends to attend the upcoming in-person February 18-21 Briefing in Orlando, Florida. Pray the Holy Spirit will move in powerful ways throughout the weekend. Pray these friends will be ministered to through the speakers. Pray God will prompt the hearts of many guests to greater involvement.

4.       Pray also for the enlisting of additional friends to join the online Virtual Briefing the following weekend (February 25-27). The best of the sessions from the in-person briefing will be streamed to hundreds of online attendees, including three one-hour sessions plus Zoom group chats between speakers and ministry leadership after each session. Pray for the work to convert the “live event” to a virtual format and that it would effectively provide attendees with visionary contact to understand, pray and partner financially in what God is doing worldwide.

5.       Ask the Lord to continue to give insights into ways to add new financial partners online and through other avenues. Pray for breakthroughs using the internet, video and social media. Pray for more stories from the field that can help cast vision and stir hearts to invest in global evangelism and church planting.

6.       Lift up the planning, production and distribution of video reporting projects for 2021. Ask God for wisdom, clarity and open doors for new ways to create content as the global pandemic continues.

7.      Pray for our missionary staff members who are raising personal financial support for their ongoing ministry and family needs. Much of this is taking place online, virtually, because of COVID-19. Some are new staff and others are veteran staff members who have critical needs. Pray they will see God provide in supernatural ways. To help a staff member, go to https://give.cru.org/2592796.

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Thank you for standing with us in prayer