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A church like this was filled with 200 wives of radical fighters, watching “Magdalena,” the version of “JESUS” created to reach oppressed women. (Photo is for illustration only.)

You can shine Christ’s light in the darkness. Your single or first monthly gift today can have double the impact, due to a challenge grant of $60,000 for India teams.

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“I was in complete shock. There was a sea of black in front of me, 200 fully covered women packed sitting shoulder to shoulder.

“They were nearly all wives of radical men, jihadists. I feared that when they realized I was about to show them a Christian film, they might kill me.

‘Lord, this is in Your hands.’

“I went to the front, before them. And their eyes! They were filled with hate. ‘Lord,’ I prayed, ‘only You can do this. This is Your problem to own and solve.’

“My husband Amir and I were working as a film team that day, showing refugee wives ‘Magdalena,’ a version of ‘JESUS’ for women.

“Amir inserted the DVD into the player and pressed play. I fully expected some to bolt, to leave the building angrily. But no one moved. I couldn’t believe it. They were transfixed, eyes focused, ears hearing the words of Jesus. Then came the cross and resurrection of Jesus, to them offensive concepts.

“When the film was over, I again went before them. Prompted by the Holy Spirit I declared, ‘You have seen the God who loves you so much that He sent His Son to die for you. You have a choice to make this day.’ I lifted my left arm and pointed to my left. ‘You can either follow the dead founder of your religion and go to hell, or,’ pointing to my right with my other arm outstretched, ‘you can receive Jesus, the living God who died for you and was raised to life. Would you pray with me if you want to follow Jesus?’

“As I prayed there was much weeping among them. They were saying ‘Yeshua,’ ‘Jesus,’ ‘Isa is the true way, the true God.’ I then asked those who wanted to follow Jesus to raise their hands. Not one, not 20, but ALL OF THEM raised their hands! All 200 decided to follow Jesus! They began to take off their head coverings. Their angry, hopeless eyes were gone. They were beaming with joy, smiling. They began to hug one another, and me, saying ‘Thank you, thank youfor the first time in our lives we know we are loved.’

Now I know well the courageous team member who was there, my friend. Her experience is an especially moving example of the incredible, faithful work of teams around the world. These teams make it possible for people who walk in spiritual darknessto experience the life of Jesus, believe and receive.


As you read, an estimated 1 billion people have yet to hear the gospel even once. Yet, the film “JESUS” is available in more than 1,720 languages, used by more than 2,800 film teams (across the globe). These film teams rely on loving Christians like you to send them. So would you shine the light of the gospel into hearts that are ready and open to follow Jesus?

All unreached people need is the chance to see and hear what Jesus has done for them in their heart language. You can give them that chance by sponsoring the work of a film team during every month of 2019. Their ministry can also be yours as you faithfully help to cover their travel, food, ministry expenses, and equipment, as they follow up new believers and plant new churchesevery month.


Each month of 2019, starting today, you can make it possible for people who walk in darkness to see and understand the good news, powerfully delivered through “JESUS,” “Magdalena” and other filmsall based on the Word of God. Your monthly gift of just $35 will provide for a team’s ministry in India for half a month. And, your first gift today will have double the impact due to a challenge grant, up to $60,000 for India teams.

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*This report is from the annals of Jesus Film Project?powerful evidence that God goes with the teams and the film itself.

**Names changed for security

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