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Planting Seeds of Faith

Sai awoke with a start. He had never had such a dream before. He saw himself, hands raised, crying, and singing praises to someone named Jesus.

He shuddered with fear. He didn’t understand the dream and was afraid of its unknown meaning. Sai pushed it to the back of his mind and tried to go back to sleep.

Seven years later Sai sat with his wife and children in their home. A guest from the village, a lay leader with India Campus Crusade for Christ, wanted to show them a film in their language. The family was excited and intrigued to see something in their own tongue. Plus, it would be a nice break after a long day of farming.

As Sai watched the JESUS film, the memory of his dream stirred his spirit. Seeing Christ care for the outcast, heal the sick, and then sacrifice His life helped Sai understand why he had been worshipping Jesus in his dream.

Sai and his family made the decision to follow Jesus when they realized who Jesus was and His great love for themnot only to reveal Himself through Sai’s dream but to also sacrifice Himself for their sins.

Together, just as in Sai’ s dream, the family worshipped Jesus in their home that day. They now attend church, and Sai is learning how to share his testimony with others in the community using JESUS and the End to End strategy!

A Church-Planting Strategy That Works

End to Endis an incredibly effective partnership effort that equips church planters like Sai to show JESUS to unreached people, plant churches, and train others to expand the kingdom of God. As they learn and grow in their faith, these leaders become like spiritual fathers, sharing the Word of God, praying for new believers and strengthening churches.

End to End is a global partnership with ministries like Wycliffe Bible Translators, Faith Comes By Hearing, American Bible Society and Jesus Film Project. Starting from one end, Scripture is translated for an unreached group, teams are mobilized, trained, and equipped to show JESUS, and then they plant churches that grow The other end is reached with the production of thriving, reproducing churches.

Send More Teams … Double Your Effectiveness

A generous donor has offered to match your gift for new India End to End teams, doubling your effectiveness until midnight tonight, June 7, Pacific Time, or until the match is met (up to a total of $33,763). Because the strategy is a partnership, your gift of $65 will cover the ministry of one India End to End team for a week. When matched, your gift will send them to unreached people for two weeks!

If every person receiving my email will catch the vision and seize this opportunity, together you will fully fund 20 End to End JESUS film teams for an entire year. The number of people who can be reached with the gospel will be huge, with potentially several hundred churches being planted.

Limited Time to Send Your Gift
Deadline: Midnight tonight, PT, June 7

Nearly a billion people in Sais nation have never heard nor understood the gospel. Because these teams are so effectivebecause the power of JESUS is the very Word of Godthe generous donor behind this matching grant offer wants to motivate every person to have a part. But the offer has a time limit:

*To be eligible to be doubled, your gift must be posted by midnight tonight PT, June 7 or before the $33,763 match is met. If you agree that this is a wonderful opportunity to lead thousands to Christ, to mobilize 20 new teams who will plant thriving, reproducing churches, would you make your $65 gift now? Just click the button below and double your influence. Its safe and secure. Many online gifts are needed to reach the $33,763 goal to send 20 teams. I encourage you to be among them.

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But remember, the time to double your gift is limited, and will expire midnight tonight, Pacific Time, June 7. Thank you so much! Just click this button.

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