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Miracle of loaves and fishes

Walking into the camp, Jim met a man I will call Abdul, one of the scrap-metal dealers. (For security purposes, names have been changed).

He noticed that Abdul had a smartphone. Though damaged, it was still working. Jim showed him how to download the Jesus Film Project app. Together, they watched JESUS until Abduls phone battery ran out getting about halfway through the film.

The next day, Jim returned. Together, they watched the rest of JESUS on Abduls recharged phone. Abdul was courteous but sadly responded: Thats a nice film and story. Thank you, but I follow our god. We believe in the Prophet Isa (their name for Jesus), but He cannot be the Son of God.

Jim returned home and prayed. A day passed. He again entered the camp Abdul, how are you doing? Abdul told him, “Well, I was very discouraged because we hadn’t sold enough scrap metal and my family and I hadnt eaten in five days. So, last night I didnt know who to cry out to, MY GOD OR YOURS!

But then Abdul remembered the scene in the JESUS film when Jesus held up the loaves and fishes and fed the people and he began to pray, God, if You are out there and if You are real, could You feed my family like You fed those 5,000 people?

Thirty minutes later his cell phone rang. It was a baker from town whom Abdul helped with odd jobs and distribution.

When the baker arrived and pulled into the camp, Abdul expected to get in the truck and go to work. Instead, the baker stopped him: No Abdul, this is not food for you to distribute. This is food for you! He opened the back of the bakery truck and inside were loaves and fishes literally loaves and fishes! You can imagine Abduls reaction!

God had answered his prayerAbdul fed his family and gave the rest to hungry refugees in the camp. And he declared, I now know that Jesus is more than a prophet, and I want to follow Him for the rest of my life!

There’s Divine Power in the Story of the Gospel

We are thankful for the work of the Spirit, the obedience of many partners, and your partnership that together let unreached people hear and understand the gospel. There is much more I could share, This is why I refer you to the inspiring online 2019-2020 Ministry Advance Report. It will take but a few minutes to learn what your partnership has done and all we are trusting God to do in the coming year.

This ChristmasGive the Bread of Life to the World

With the year nearly over, I invite you to help proclaim the good news to hundreds more who have yet to hear. This report will suggest several ways you can reach many more people like Abdul with the good news, while enabling you to receive a tax deduction for 2019.

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Save on your taxes: Weve prepared a helpful website with information about transfers of property, securities, IRAs, advised funds or other assets for ministry. With the current high values of the stock market and properties, substantial savings are possible while helping many more see, hear and understand JESUS. For personalized assistance, please call (800) 278-7233 or email [emailprotected].

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