The Night of PowerDream Catchers*

Many Muslims expect that on this night, they will hear from their god in dreams.

The 27th night of Ramadan

The 27th night of Ramadan is called Laylat Al Qadr which translates as Great or Valuable Night. It is also known as the Night of Power.

Laylat Al Qadr was the first night of the revelation of the Quran to the prophet Muhammad by the archangel Jibrail (Gabriel), and Muslims regard this as the most important event in history. Muslims spend much of this night in prayer and worship as prayers offered on this night are thought to be worth all the prayers of 1,000 months, and many Muslims expect that on this night, they will hear from their god in dreams.

Join Us for a Special Prayer Event

Jesus Film Project is engaging its partnership network to pray for the unreached people in the 48 nations of the world where Islam has a significant presence. 48 organizations are taking on one 30-minute time slot on May 19th to pray for a specific country and the people who live there. Every minute of the day, people will be praying for God to reveal Himself and bestow His blessing.

Here is the schedule with a list of countries and partners for this special 24 hour live stream prayer event. You can view and print the pdf online;click here.

You can join us in this live stream prayer event called “One Miracle Night” beginning at 8 a.m. EDT tomorrow, May 19th, by going to:

Or, you can pray right now. Here are a few general requests that you can lift up to God:

What You Can Pray

Pray for Arabs and others on this Night of Power, that God will reveal Himself to them in many ways.

Pray for dreams of Jesus to encourage Arabs and others who follow this major world religion to find out more about Him.

Pray for believers who can help Arabs and others to understand who the Being of Light in their dreams is and how He wants them to follow Him.

Pray that the Holy Spirit will turn Arabs and other hearts to Jesus, and they will receive His salvation, forgiveness of their sins, and eternal life.

Prayer Ideas for the Entire Month of Ramadan

Christians have been praying during Ramadan and Night of Power for more than 25 years. This effort of focused prayer corresponds with the unprecedented movements of Arabs and others around the world to dedicate their lives to Christ. You can preview a special 30-day prayer guide and video now by going

Your prayers will make a difference; thank you for praying!

*Source: 2020 30DAYSPRAYER.COM

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