You Can Send Heat Relief to Refugees in the Middle East

“Like cold water to a weary soul, so is good news from a distant land” (Proverbs 25:25, NASB).

You can help make an eternal difference and transform lives!

“What can I do to help?”

You can help send the love of Jesus to Middle Eastern refugees through humanitarian aid.

Your generous gift of $57 will send a much needed fan. 360 fans in total is the current need.

Donate Now to Help Reach Them With “JESUS.”

With the hottest part of the year quickly approaching, many Middle Eastern refugee families face another round of extreme conditions and hardship in the heat of summer. These refugees desperately need fans and to know the love of Jesus.

Refugees are still in camps or makeshift shelters as depicted above. With the continued crisis, very few have returned to their homes. And right now in one country, refugees are dealing with 107-123 F temperatures.

Humanitarian aid is opening doors for conversations and small group showings of Jesus Film resources. The people are visited often, at least once a week, to have discussions about Jesus and the gospel.

With the help of partners like you, Jesus Film Project can give refugee families high quality, durable fan units to keep their homes and shelters cooler during the hot summer months. The immediate need is for 360 fans.* Local churches and some relief agencies provide food, bedding and hygiene and arrange medical care. This critical, tangible need also continues as a window of opportunity to show Arab families the love of Jesus in their heart language through Jesus Film DVDs, the gospel, and other evangelistic materials.

You can send relief and encourage their hearts with the love of Jesus. For example, your heartfelt gift of $114 will provide two fans and the opportunity to experience the love of Jesus in their heart languaguage.

Will you please prayerfully consider helping one or more families today? Every gift will make a difference. Give as God enables you. Click here now to give securely online or call toll free (800) 387-4040 from 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. PDT on any weekday.

Thank you for caring and for helping Middle Eastern refugees receive the tangible love of Christ. *Any overflow of funds will go directly to supplying 360 heater-cooksets to refugees for the winter months.

Your charitable donations are tax deductible. The ministry’s Tax
Identification Number is95-6006173. Jesus Film Project is a ministry of
Campus Crusade for Christ International. The ministry operates under
the brand name, Cru, in the United States.