This Lamp Changes Everything!

This Fathers Day you can help send them light.

By the thousands, Middle Eastern refugee families who have survived their trek over land and sea spend their nights in abandoned buildings, store fronts, garages, open spaces or tents. In camps without electricity, they often sit in darkness.

Children and parents living in these difficult conditions need to feel the warmth of Jesus love. And this Fathers Day, you have the chance to give it to them when you honor a father in your life.

Light Their World

The miracle for a frightened refugee family begins with your $67 gift. Theyll receive your Light Their World lamp and within moments of flicking that switch, the darkness will be replaced by beautiful light. Yes, youll drive the dark away, and begin to meet the practical needs of a family.

With your help, a refugee child will be able to do schoolwork at night. A mother will be able to cook, and care for her children without fear. The entire family will be safer in the light.

But this is no ordinary lamp

Each lamp has a built-in audio player that contains the dramatic audio adaptation of the life-changing JESUS film. Every word spoken by Jesus is the Word of God, and taken directly from the Gospel of Luke. More importantly, this is recorded in a refugee familys own heart language!


  • Solar powered
  • Built-in audio player and speaker
  • 200 hours of audio memory, containing the JESUS film audio adaptation in their own language
  • FM audio set to Christian programming
  • Mobile phone charger
  • Bright 200 Lumen LED light

Light Their World
lamps are in great demand in the places where teams work. Refugee families are quickly realizing that its so much more than just a lamp. Now they all want one!

Oh my! Please! We can use 50,000 lamps in the refugee camps now! These people want to learn about Jesus. They are done with their past, open to love.

As you can see, we cant keep up with the demand. The Light Their World lamps are changing lives and your gift is needed to harvest these seeds!

Please dont delay. Send your gift and Light Their World today.

The Light Their World lamp allows refugee children to study and listen to the gospel with their families after sunset.

Your gift today will provide a family with a life-changing, practical and spiritual tool.

Children and parents living in these refugee camps or away from home need to hear the redemptive words of Jesus. And you can give it to them when you give a family their very own Light Their World lamp.

Because of you, a family will be blessed. Youll illuminate the lives of an entire family and share the good news with the people who flock to their tent because of the lamp.

Thats why the Light Their World lamps are so effective!

And with your generosity today, the darkness will turn into light, and refugee camps will become bright places of hope!

Honor a Father You Know

This Fathers Day, you can send a Tribute Gift, recognizing your dadany dadand give refugees this amazing, Light Their World solar-powered lamp.*

Honor your father by providing a refugee family with a Light Their World lamp for a gift of only $67, five lamps for refugee families for $335, or $670 for 10 lamps for refugee families.

Your gift of a Light Their World lamp adds your name to the incredible group of people who have used the JESUS film to share their faith!

When your Tribute Gift is received, a thoughtful card will be prepared for your father, letting him know that you have remembered him in this unique and resourceful way. The amount of your gift is not disclosed.

*To ensure postal delivery of your Tribute Gift card by Fathers Day,your gift must be received by June 13. Postal mail will be sent to U.S. addresses only. All other gift notifications will be sent via email.

Tribute Gifts received after June 13will be acknowledged via email through a printable card whichyou (the donor)can give to your father on his special day.

To make your gift and honor them now, click here now.

(Important: In the Add comments box, please include the full name of the person to be honored, along with their full mailing address.)

Choose the amount youd like to give from the list below, then click on the link to reach the giving page. To give by telephone, please call toll free (800) 387-4040 from 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Pacific Time on any weekday. Or you can print a response card here and send a gift by mail. Thank you!

YES! Ill send a refugee family their own Light Their World lamp!

Here is my heartfelt gift of:

$67 delivers 1 lamp to a refugee family
$134 delivers 2 lamps to two refugee families
$268 sends 4 lamps to four refugee families

A worker didnt have time to explain to a refugee that there was an audio player contained in the lamp. The next day, the refugee told the worker with joy, You didnt just give me light, you gave me The Light of the World! That worker said the need is huge and growing, that they could use 50,000 lamps for refugees right now.

If you would prefer to donate by phone, please call us toll-free at 1-800-918-9929. Your charitable donations are tax deductible. The ministry’s Tax Identification Number is95-6006173. Jesus Film Project is a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ International. The ministry operates under the brand name, Cru, in the United States.

Help send refugees Light Their World solar-powered lamps while honoring a father you know this Father’s Day.

Important: In the “Add comments” section, please include the full name of the person to be honored/notified, along with their full mailing address and “Father’s Day Tribute.”

I think there is an incredible opportunity for Christians to respond in this [refugee] situation as the body of Christ, as the hands of Jesus Christ, to reach out and bless and encourage and help those who are so desperately in need of help.

Todd Nettleton,
Voice of the Martyrs, USA