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This Mother’s Day, honor a mother in your life. Send the Love of Jesus to Women like Dorcas in Restricted Countries.

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“When the curtain in the movie was torn in two, something in my heart broke”…

My name is Dorcas. This is the name I adopted after I met Jesus. My life has been that of toil and endless search for that which would give me peace… until now.  

I was born in an African religion practicing family, where we prayed to dead people through spirit mediums. I hated this religion because of the many sacrifices we had to make. Because of this teaching, I was always afraid that anytime I would be attacked by an evil spirit. I had no peace! When I was fourteen, my country went through a horrible period of ethnic killings that left thousands dead. The details are too traumatic to talk about.  

After these incidents I did not know what to believe. Later I decided to join another religion. I was seeking the meaning of life and the reason to live. Things did not get better. The answers I got and the treatment I was given led me into depression and sin. While worshiping in this religion, I was told that women were not important and that we were just here to serve the needs of men. What hurt me most was being told that women would not go to Heaven, as it was only meant for men. I asked myself why should I bother trying to live a “holy life” as they called it, with no reward in heaven for me?           

For 10 years I was stuck in this religion with so much abuse and hurt, I don’t know why I didn’t renounce it sooner. I slipped into sin and people began to associate me with the worst of sinners. I was looked down upon and I began to despise myself. I knew that I had reached the end of my life…      

Then I was invited to watch a movie by one of the women in my community. I was hesitant to go since I knew the attitude of the community towards me, but she assured me that only a few of us would be there. The “Magdalena” film changed me! That was the best afternoon of my life! In the movie I saw a Man who respected women, who did not judge them by their past, who carried their burdens and gave them living water. I wanted that water too. 

When the curtain in the movie was torn in two, something in my heart broke, I found myself in tears. I was told that the torn curtain represented the truth, that everyone, even women, now had access to God through Jesus and that those who believed in Him would go to heaven!  I felt the need to tell others about this wonderful man.  I was taught how to share the gospel with the “Magdalena” movie. This was especially helpful among women, who could not read or write. I felt fulfilled!

In nine months, I have been able to disciple five people who are now discipling their own five people. In the next month my disciples have told me, they will be sending their disciples to make other disciples. This is my new life! I want others to experience the peace I feel. And I want them to know the joy of bringing others to Christ! 

The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

If you want another good reason to give a copy of the film to women in restricted countries, remember that Mother’s Day is May 12!  You’ll honor your mother by sharing the gospel and helping more women, see and hear the good news. 

You can send your gift in honor of your own mother, or any mother, for this special day.  Whether she is part of your life today, or in the presence of the Lord, consider a Tribute Gift in her honor that will help lead other women to Christ.

When your tribute gift is received, a thoughtful Mother’s Day card will be prepared for your mother, letting her know that you have remembered her in this special and powerful way.  The amount of your gift is not disclosed.

To ensure postal delivery of your Tribute Gift card by Mother’s Day, your gift must be received by May 8, 2019.  Postal mail will be sent to U.S. addresses only.  All other gift notifications, and notifications for gifts received after May 8, will be sent via email containing a printable card.

(Important: In the “Add comments” box, please include the full name of the person to be honored, along with their full mailing address.) 

Thank you for caring and making a difference in the lives of women and children. Please call toll free (800) 387-4040 from 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Pacific Time, on any weekday or click here to print a response card and send a gift by mail.

Yes! I’ll send “Magdalena” DVDs to reach women and families in restricted areas. 

Here is my heartfelt gift of:

$54 sends 12 DVDs to reach twelve families
$108 sends 24 DVDs to reach twenty four families
$180 sends 40 DVDs to reach forty families

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(Important: In the “Add comments” box, please include the full name of the person to be honored, along with their full mailing address.)

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