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Ali turned the box on.1Remember, its dangerous to share your faith here. Immediately, every smartphone and tablet in range beeped with a message, Would you like to watch a movie about the life of Jesus?

Fascinated that they could watch a film about Jesus privatelyand in their heart languagepeople began watching …hours later, Ali learned someone stole the device! The villagers thought the thief was a woman named Myriam, visiting from a distant mountain village. But now she was long gone

Ali and his friends went on a recovery mission, trekking over difficult, mountainous terrain, eventually finding her home.

To their great surprise, Myriam invited them in and offered them a meal. Ali thought, Is this a setup? Are they going to kill me? What do we do now?You see, before Ali, inside Myriams home, were 25 menamong them radical fightersseated with their families, crowded around a small table. And in the center of the table, as though placed in a position of honor, was the stolen box!

Suddenly, Myriam blurted it out, I WAS THE ONE WHO STOLE IT! She picked up the small box to give it back. Then in unison, everyone rose to their feet, as though to honor what to them had become a sacred device. Myriam announced: It brought changes to all of us. All of our lives were transformed!2

Everyone began talking with joy, speaking over one another, telling Ali about the Words of Life they had seen and heard on their smartphones, how they had at last found the truth.

“That device? What is it?”

We call it a NewLifeBox. Small enough to fit in a pocket and battery powered, it sets up a Wi-Fi zone for 150 feet (46 meters) in all directions, making the film JESUS and the Scriptures available to anyone with a smartphoneeven when there is no cell service, power or internet.

These amazing hotspot devices are so effective, that we have received urgent requests for 430 NewLifeBoxes, as soon as they can be shipped. JESUS film workers need them especially in Africa and India. They want to use them to show JESUS to fathers, as leaders of their families, and to everyone.

As people wait out the COVID-19 virus in their homes, a nearby worker turns the device on. People see a message: Would you like to watch a movie about the life of Jesus? Then they watch!Workers want to take these devices to where people are living, whether they are isolated in their homes because of the virus or not. They just need your gracious partnership.

1This wonderful report comes from ministry partner Renew World Outreach.

2When film teams encounter cultures that may venerate or worship objects, they explain to the people that Jesus is the Living God, the only one worthy of praise and worship.

Challenge Grant

Supplying these wonderful hotspot devices is so important that a generous donor has issued a Challenge Grant in time for Fathers Day, $23,650 to send NewLifeBoxes. You can supply a waiting worker with their own NewLifeBoxfor a gift of $220. Together with the Challenge Grant, you can equip more teams!

Will you join in partnership with these workers, especially in closed and dangerous areas? Will you help make phones come alive with the gospel in their heart language, even in radical areas? We are amazed at how effective these devices are. When given the chance, people will watch! So perhaps you can supply 1, 2, 5 or even 10 NewLifeBoxes, for a gift of $220 each . 430 are needed just as soon as the funds can be raised. Thank you so much!

During the COVID-19 pandemic, digital evangelism is proving to be very effective.

A worker can turn on a NewLifeBox in a typical, dense urban neighborhood where people are sheltering in place in their homes. They see the invitation to watch JESUS.

Because its in their heart language and because they can watch privately, out of sight of radicals, people do, and in great numbers.

They also download the film to watch again and again. Then the Holy Spirit ministers to their hearts, assuring them that all they see and hear is truth. This is how you can help reach everyone, everywhere, with the glorious news of the gospel. Thank you.

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