Send Teams for Relief and Hope to Ecuador

Give Ecuadorian Families What They Can’t Provide Themselves.

Send Them Aid and “JESUS.”

The 7.8-magnitude earthquake that struck Ecuador, Peru, and Colombia on Saturday has caused widespread devastation. (That magnitude equals the massive earthquake that hit Nepal and India a year ago.)

Campus Crusade for Christ (Cru®) national staff members and partners are on the ground and in action.

More than 650 people were killed and more than 16,500 injured, with many thousands more that were affected along the coast 100 miles northwest of Quito. At least 50 people are still missing. The time is critical as people huddle in temporary shelters.They need aid and hope

Their need is not only for the immediate physical essentials—water, food medicines, etc.—but also for emotional and spiritual support and comfort. A number of groups are responding with aid, but our trustedEcuador Cru partners are able to bring aid together with the love of Christ.

Juan Santiago*, our Campus Crusade national disaster response team leader has pulled together Christian leaders from churches and denominations to respond to this great need. This group has now mobilized teams for the humanitarian and evangelism response./p>

This is where you can step in, where you can help families, where you can make a real difference in people’s lives now and for eternity!


First,prayfor the thousands of families displaced and suffering loss! Pray too for Juan and the Ecuador Christian community as they unite and go in the name of Jesus.

Second, you can “stand in the gap,” empowering the response teams with tools they need to meet physical and spiritual needs.Give them what they can’t provide themselves.

A dozen teams are being sent to the Muisne and Pedernales regions with aid and the gospel on film.

Will you go with them?

Teams need:

  • 2,000 Family Aid boxes ($38 each)
  • 5,000 “JESUS” DVDs ($72 reaches 16 families)
  • 12 Teams: Outreach Costs: Travel, meals, lodging, etc. ($96 per team per day for 45 days)
  • 12 Projector Sets with Screens able to reach audiences of 200 at a time ($3,240 each)

    As teams go in bold faith, prayerfully go with them. Give whatever you can, and only as God enables.

These teams will be your arms of love, helping in the name of Christ. Thank you for giving and praying. On their behalf, thank you for whatever ways the Lord leads you to help. Your gift today will truly make a difference.

You can also help send emergency aid through Jesus Film® by calling toll free (800) 387-4040, 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. (Pacific Time) on any weekday. To send a gift by mail, please add code #2854227 / Y65300 and mail your gift to:

Jesus Film Project
Attn: Faith Hersey
100 Lake Hart Drive, #3100
Orlando, FL 32832-0100

*Name changed for security.

Your charitable donations are tax deductible. The ministry’s Tax Identification Number is95-6006173. Jesus Film Project is a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ International. The ministry operates under the brand name, Cru, in the United States.