Transformed From Darkness

Youre about to meet a remarkable man, Binora, the son and heir apparent of the local witch doctor. When an evangelist came to their village and preached the gospel, he became the first and only Christian among his people. Binora was shunned, suffered persecution and left. Two decades later he returned to find even greater spiritual darkness. His father now had become the head witch doctor for the entire area.

With extreme courage and tenacity, Binora set out to lead his people to Christ. He used the “JESUS” film which, at the time, was available only in the national language, Amharic. About 20 percent of his people could understand. Despite this, his tribe of 1,000 became believers, including his father! Youll then go on to witness the incredible day when a new translation of “JESUS” finally premiered in Gewada, and Binoras people were able to hear Gods Word in their heart language. Enjoy this powerful story; see and experience how God is at work in lives today!

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