“Is This PersonChristReal?”

A 19-year-old Muslim girl from Morocco watched JESUS on a TV broadcast. She texted this message: Is this personChristreal? A counselor confirmed that He is very much alive and that He has an amazing message of hope for her.

She asked, Can you please give me His phone number and address, so I can contact Him? With a smile, the counselor texted her a summary of His life, that He was alive and in heaven. He then arranged to text her one chapter a day to read from the Gospel of Luke (upon which JESUS is based).

This young Moroccan woman is representative of millions of Muslims who are being reached through JESUS in closed countries through television and radio, especially in North Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia. And often its ministry partners who are broadcasting the film.

TWR (Trans World Radio) is one of these committed partners. Over the recent Christmas holiday period, they transmitted The Story of Jesus, an audio adaptation of JESUS, in 106 different languages. The story was heard in numerous nationsbroadcast over AM, FM, shortwave radio, and the internet. Many who heard these broadcasts lived in closed and oppressed nations. They listened privately, behind closed doors, responding to a love they have never known. Here are a few of the actual responses TWR received:

  • I have studied my [own religion but] I was looking for truth when I found the TWR Arabic radio programs. I listened to the drama about the life of Jesus Im scared to believe in Jesus, but I know that Jesus brings comfort and peace. I will call unto Him and ask Him to clear my heart from any fear.
  • Yesterday we started listening to the special Christmas programming loving it all. Right now, we are listening to the JESUS film audio, and it feels like we are in the movies.
  • A pastor in Pakistan reported that 120 people of his church listened, but in their homes since it is illegal to gather together. A staff leader who knows him said: The JESUS film audio drama should be aired every day as it has made a big impact in his church. They were blessed to hear the story of Jesus.

Working in partnership with ministries like TWR, God has imparted a vision to reach 100 million people in 2019 through broadcasts.

Your gifts and prayers help send the gospel to some of these hardest-to-reach places. You are helping people to hear and experience JESUS in their heart language. Thank you for the difference you are making in the lives of people like our new sister in Morocco.

Thanks to you, more teams, tools and language translations are reaching people for Christ. With your prayers and generous support, many more will hear the good news through Jesus Film Project. It is an exciting time to work together to reach everyone with JESUS. For your intercession, giving and obedience, thank you. Partnering with you, we will not rest until everyone, everywhere, has seen JESUS. Thank you!

To be the one to send hope and JESUS to men, women and children who are waiting to know of His love and forgiveness,you can give online here now. To donate by phone, you can call toll free at800-387-4040 on any weekday between 6:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. Pacific Time. Thank you.

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