Setting Them Free With Love

To know they are lovedand by God Himself! Millions of women live in challenging cultures, not knowing His love for them. But when they watch Magdalena, the version of JESUS for women, their hearts are deeply touched.

Let Women Know They Are
Loved by Jesus

$54 will Send 12 DVDS

Nektaria is a JESUS film worker in Greece. She is so very excited by what God is doing in her home country.

God is opening huge doors! Most people in Greece are religious, but they dont know the Lord. And women dont know how much He loves them. We have been showing Magdalena in many theaters and meeting halls. The response is great. Even the top leaders of our nations religion are opening doors to this marvelous film. Women are moved by the scriptural stories like The Woman at The Well, The Woman with the Issue of Blood, and The Woman Caught in Adultery. Jesus delivered them all. Women can relate. They believe and receive Him.

“The testimonies are many, from women who have made the marvelous discovery that He loves them too!

  • I have experienced God personally. I can pray and He talks to me.
  • I felt Him. I saw Him. He is my deliverer.
  • Thank God for this wonderful movie. It was a revelation of the unfailing and endless love of Christ, that He meets women [in their need]. He healed me. He changed me and worked in my heart.
  • God has changed me in all areas. He changed me completely.

Nektaria:I get so excited when I hear their testimonies and see their faces, how the love of Jesus has touched them and set them free! And now God has given us a dream, faith and energy to show Magdalena all over Greece, in as many theaters and homes as we can, to establish study groups among women, to give each woman and her family her own DVD of Magdalena. Its so wonderful to have a part in what He is doing!

You can have a part too. More than 322,000 DVDs of “Magdalena” and “JESUS” are needed in Greece, where women are responding to the good news, even highly placed, influential women. As soon as they watch, women want their own DVDs to experience again and again, to take home to their families, where they are the gate keepers and influencers of their children. What a wonderful opportunity to see many more know they are loved! Would you help give them the good news?

You can supply workers like Nektaria with 12 DVDs for a gift of $54, or 24 DVDs through a gift of $108. If you have financial ability, you can send 120 DVDs with a generous gift of $540 please give however God may lead you. For as many as you can send, workers like these will give them outto women, children whole familiesso they can know how much He loves them. Just click on the red button to give them the good news. Thank you!

Thank you for caring. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of men, women and children. Please call toll free (800) 387-4040 from 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Pacific Time, on any weekday or click here to print a response card and send a gift by mail

A fellowship group of women, including NEW believers! You helped them grow in their faith through Magdalena, the moving and very powerful version of JESUS for women.