Enjoy watching Ishmael tell his story

Ishmael serves with Cru Ministry and uses Jesus Film Project resources in Africa.


Ishmael remembered he had the Jesus Film Project App on his phone!

Ishmael said, I pulled up the app and saw there was a short film in Amharic. The man was gracious enough to give me some time.

So, I opened the app, and he got to watch the short film in his language. He got so excited that he asked me to help him download the app onto his phone! And there, he was able to watch all the other films in his language.

Since the man couldnt really communicate with me … I dont know if he gave his life to Christ. But just having the opportunity to communicate?even beyond my language, because theres so many languages on the app?, I am very grateful.

And I am excited that we have the app as a tool to help reach people with the gospel. It reminds me of the story of when God asks Moses, What do you have in your hand?

Also, in Africa right now?weve just blown-out in terms of technology. The young people are excited and theres a lot of mobile telephone penetration. I think thats an avenue, just like the Romans road…

Paul traveled the Romans road?Lets travel the technology highway in Africa.

AtJesus FilmProject, we exist to reach people with the gospel in every language, wherever they are… The Jesus Film Project App is an excellent tool to add to your own tool box of resources to share the good news with your friends and family, even with anyone you meet. You can download the app for free at jesusfilm.org/app or click here to watch or download any of the Jesus film media online at jesusfilm.org/watch.

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