A Divine Appointment

In “The Middle of Nowhere”

Saleem mounted his quad bike and rode some distance, looking for help. Approaching a small village, he heard music?. It was the soundtrack of JESUS.

He entered a building where he found a man listening to a radio. The man immediately turned it off.

Saleem said: That music I heard you playing, I recognize it.

Fearing radicals, the man became defensive, What music? Theres no music here.

OK, well, I need help. My truck is stuck in the mud … The man replied, I can help you. I own a tractor. Riding together to the site, they pulled the truck out. He then asked Saleem to spend the night. The two talked. Saleem set the mans mind at ease, explaining that the music I heard is associated with the religion I follow. Saleem then asked, May I show you a movie about Jesus, the Great Prophet Isa? The man agreed.

In Gods providence, it turned out that this man, his host, was the village chief and the local leader of his peoples aggressive religion.

He listened carefully and watched JESUS with his children. They heard the story of the gospel in their heart language, words that gripped their hearts. The Holy Spirit did His supernatural work.The chief and two of his children came to Christ.

Saleem rejoiced. But he wanted to know where the chief had gotten that radio/audio player. The chief said it came from a friend 150 miles away. You see, the player actually came from Saleem! As part of his evangelistic ministry, he purchases radio/audio players in the city and superglues into them a microSD card with JESUS and an audio Bible. The cards cant be removed. As he travels this vast nation, he gives them out so people can listen to JESUS and hear the Word of God. Where there is no radio reception, its all they can listen to.

Thats what the chief was doing when Saleems truck became stuck in the mudhe was listening to JESUS. Saleem has gone back to the village to disciple the chief and his children and to show JESUS to others who have also come to Christ. Even a church has been established. Saleem reports its perhaps the most vibrant fellowship in that part of the country. Being stuck in the mud was a divine appointment!

A Breakthrough: Help People Understand “JESUS”

I wanted you to read this great report because workers around the world are using every tool available so people can watch and hear JESUS. But first, JESUS must be translated into their heart language. As you are reading this report, thousands of people groups are still waiting for their own translation of JESUS.

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Will you help people like the chief and his children hear and understand?

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