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Using Digital Technology to Help Lead People to Jesus

Almost daily we hear reports of people experiencing the gospel in their heart language by watching JESUS or related films online or on their smartphones.Here is one example.

From Casual Fascination to Full Surrender

Yang and Kuan* listened to Chen, stunned. They had never heard something as intriguing and unique as the gospel. The couple had lived their entire lives in a remote province in East Asia with strong ties to Central Asias dominant religion. They had never heard of Jesus.

But while Yang and Kuan were fascinated by Chens message, they did not receive Christ into their lives.Though disappointed,Chen bought the couple a smartphone.

He and the other ministry workers were leaving the couples village, and he wanted to keep in touch with Yang and Kuan. Chen helped his new friends set up a social media profile and also installed the Jesus Film Project app on their device.

For weeks … Chen spoke with the couple through social media.

He sent them gospel messages and invited them to view their heart language version of “JESUS” on the app.

One month after meeting Chen, Yang and Kuan contacted the ministry worker with exciting news. They both had put their faith in Christ as Savior!

By the grace of God, Chens dedication and Jesus Film Project media in their heart language helped this couple to go from casual fascination to full surrender.

You can help reach people like Yang and Kuan with the gospel in their own language.

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Gifts to help reach people through JESUS film media online are bearing much fruit!Would you feel led to join in supporting this effective ministry every month, one that is reaching into the most difficult nations through the internet? For every dollar given, up to 28 people view the gospel on film.

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By leveraging digital technology and Jesus FilmProject resources, it is now possible and easy to show the JESUS film anywhere in the world.

Mobile missionaries have access to a full digital library of more than 200 movies and short films to help lead people to Jesus, in more than 1,800 languages!

Last year nearly 150 million people worldwide viewed JESUS and our other films onlinethat is about 285 people every minute. Consider the impact!


60 NEW monthly partners are needed to join by Midnight, (PT) January 24th. Thats when this challenge grant offer will expire or until the goal is met (up to a total of $36,000). When doubled, your $50 Monthly Gift + $50 Challenge Grant will reach up to 2,856 people online! You can also give $25 monthly, which will be doubled, resulting in up to 1,428 people reached.

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The Power of JESUS

As a special thank you, well send you The Power of JESUS, a wonderful compilation of amazing stories from the field. Youll read about moments when God has broken through barriers, planted churches, and won millions to Christ through the film JESUS.

* Story above is from The Power of JESUS.(All names have been changed for security purposes.)

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Your charitable donations are tax deductible. The ministry’s Tax Identification Number is 95-6006173. Jesus Film Project is a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ International. The ministry operates under the brand name, Cru, in the United States.