Setting Them Free from Darkness with Love

To know they are lovedand by God Himself! Millions of women live in challenging cultures, not knowing His love for them. But when they watch Magdalena, the version of JESUS for women, their hearts are deeply touched.

Let Women Know They Are Loved by God
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You can shine light into their darkness.

Kindness from a Stranger

A dark cloud covered Anna as she plopped down in front of the movie. Someone kind had invited herit seemed like a long time since someone had considered her desires or her needs.

The movie began and distracting thoughts swirled in Annas head. Its not their fault theyre poor, she thought of her parents. But I hate that I had to quit school. Its not fair. And then to force me to marry him for his money!

Despair had led Anna to kill herself, but she failed. Then she felt kindness from a stranger …

She watched as a man named Jesus showed kindness to the women He met. Anna saw the truth displayed in Magdalena, and became convinced that she could meet Jesus, toothat He could release her from shame.

Anna surrendered her life to Christ after the movie, and the darkness did not follow her home.

Annas heart softened toward her parents. She mended their relationship and agreed to the arranged marriage. Today, Anna and her family regularly attend church together.

Save Anantapur and Love Tirupur

Two unreached districts of Anantapur and Tirupur in South East India, desperately need the gospel.

About 60 percent of workers are farmers and being driven to despair due to drought, high debt burdens, government policies, and a dwindling economy.

An unusual number of people are committing suicide. An average of 20 suicide attempts are made every day. Many men are dying, leaving women and children to fend for themselves.

Up to 25 percent of the women, are turning to prostitution. AIDS and HIV are rampant, parents are dying, and hundreds of children are left parentless, homeless orphans.

The goal of Save Anantapur and Love Tirupur is to save thousands of lives from these tragic epidemics of suicide and prostitution/AIDS.

You Can Shine Light Into Their Darkness

As you read, millions of women are suffering without hope and without Christ. But you can shine light into their darkness by sending teams who will help them experience Jesus through the Magdalena film. As they watch and understand the Word of God in their heart language, many will believe, and their lives will be transformed by His love.

What a wonderful opportunity to see many women know they are loved!Would you help give them the good news?

Give Women Hope and Purpose

Magdalena is an effective, proven tool to help heal their problems of suicide and prostitution. The film has already empowered millions of women to find dignity, peace and hope by connecting them to Jesus.

Magdalena beautifully shares Gods love and the gospel, engaging women at the heart level as they see Jesus power and compassion.

Through Magdalena Projects, we believe we have a viable solution to bringing the good news of Jesus Christ to the dying, helpless and hopeless unreached women of Southeast India, to give them a hope and a purpose.All that are needed now are the prayers and the funding to make it happen.

Each and every gift makes an impact

Your gift will help JESUS film teams and partners in India rescue women from suicide and prostitution. Lay leaders will be trained to conduct moreMagdalenafilm showings, provide follow-up in small Bible study and prayer groups, and then plant churches. Every gift makes a differenceimpacting women with the gospelwomen like Anna and many others.

YES! I want to send hope to women in India.

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To give by telephone, please call toll free (800) 387-4040 from 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Pacific Time on any weekday. Or you can print a response card here and send a gift by mail. Thank you!

Monthly Giving is by far the most powerful, rewarding, and convenient way to make a lasting difference with your giving. Invest every month in bringing the story of Jesus to women in Indiachanging lives all year long! Give Monthly Now

Your charitable donations are tax deductible. The ministry’s Tax Identification Number is 95-6006173. Jesus Film Project is a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ International. The ministry operates under the brand name, Cru, in the United States.