Nora’s Story

She searched the internet for answers and hope

Living in a resistant nation on the Arabian Gulf … Nora had became depressed and desperate. After a failed suicide attempt, she searched the internet for answers and hope (something thousands more are doing now that they are sequestered at home).

Nora began a months-long, digital exchange with Miriam, who uses the Jesus Film Project app and secure platforms like WhatsApp to engage seekers …

Fearful of the culture around her and her family, conversations took place behind closed doors. Miriam answered her many questions. Nora believed, replying, I love Jesus so much!

Miriam then showed Nora how to watch JESUS over the internet through live streaming. Remember, the film is based on the Gospel of Luke, the Word of God. She next engaged her in a four-part digital discipleship series that includes training in how to share your faith with others.

She did share her new faith. After two months, Noras brother received Christ. Then Nora shared the gospel to eight others, most of whom also believed. They have since started two discipleship groups, and these members are sharing their faith with others, some using the film JESUS.

It is you and many partners who make all this possible. Thank you!

Offering people the opportunity to watch a film in their heart language is most compelling. It can be such a unique experience that they will watch short films, segments or the complete film JESUS. They see the gospel story and hear the Word of God speaking directly to their hearts.

More than ever before?Jesus Film Project partners are using social media and Jesus Film media online to share the gospel.

The Jesus Film Project App is an excellent tool to add to your own toolbox of resources to share the good news with your friends and family. You can download the app for free today at Film Project app runs on cell phones and mobile devices and shows JESUS to people in more than 1,855 different languages.)

Would you feel led to support this effective ministry, one that is reaching into the most difficult nations through the internet?

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